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Jun 16, 2015 6:44 AM ET

Archived: Global Art Residence Barcelona: artists can work, exhibit, and develop themselves

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2015

Global Art Residence Barcelona

Global Art Residence Barcelona

The ESPRONCEDA Saga, Episode #1

We are ESPRONCEDA, a non-profit organization which invites global artists to its residence.

The residence
The residence



We invite artists to stay in our creativity space and residence, which provides EVERYTHING in one location. It is an artist village, full of inspiration, in the middle of Barcelona.

Artists will become inspired, inspire others, and will create… Together with curators and other people who help us we source and invite artists to ESPRONCEDA. 

… and we need your support to continue doing this

Vernissage: Sleepwalking (2015)
Vernissage: Sleepwalking (2015)


Artists have hard times finding (affordable) accommodation and working space. We provide accommodation and working space for up to 5 artists at the same time. We provide this for free and in the middle of Barcelona, 10 minutes from the beach and city centre.

Bringing international talents from all over the world does not only enrich the artist, but also the local community, and eventually the global art community. This is our ultimate goal.

– Daniel Horowitz – In one month I was able to realize an incredible project with a massive amount of support, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

Vernissage: It Rains Diamonds on Saturn (2015)
Vernissage: It Rains Diamonds on Saturn (2015)


We want to invite more artists to our space and give them the opportunity to grow, get inspired and inspire. Meanwhile we take care of: housing, materials, events, promotion, PR, and more.

Bringing together artists creates such an amazing atmosphere. They can talk about art, give one another tips, work together on art pieces, exchange contacts, and grand each other new opportunities.

Vernissage: Nammah Berkovitz (2014)
Vernissage: Nammah Berkovitz (2014)


We created this project to make it easier for global and local artists to improve in their work. For the local community this means that amazing artists will be present in Barcelona regularly.

The community has benefited hugely from our project up-until-now. Free exhibitions / workshops / conversations / and other social activities.

Without your support we will not be able to source and invite the artists who we think are suitable for the project.

By becoming part of the first saga you can become part of an everlasting community of global artists improving the global art world and the local scene.


In 2012 we renovated an old factory and repair shop for heavy vehicles and machines which had been abandoned for more than 10 years.

We refurbished everything by being extremely efficient with our resources.



Interview: Antonio Caro & Catherine David (2015)
Interview: Antonio Caro & Catherine David (2015)

Events and exhibitions have been on a monthly basis now; help us to continue to do that.

Vernissage: Antonio Caro (2015)
Vernissage: Antonio Caro (2015)

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT … let the Saga continue…

We want to be the pioneers of the contemporary art scene in Barcelona. The project of which people say: I would love to go there some day. The project which has a line-up of amazing artists ready to become part of the Espronceda project.

Over the past 3 years and 11 artists, ESPRONCEDA has proven its abilities and its potential! The next step is continuity and evolvement in becoming a globally recognized institution for art.

By supporting us today you can become part of the first saga of an unique project.

Vernissage: The Flamingos (2015)
Vernissage: The Flamingos (2015)


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