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Jun 15, 2015 3:32 PM ET

Archived: WOMEN NETWORK, LLC: a digital media company giving women a voice to share their message

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2015



27702 Crown Valley Parkway Suite D4
Ladera Ranch, CA 926941, United States


Women Network LLC, company behind WomenNetwork.com, is a digital media company giving women a voice to share their message.  WomenNetwork.com’s umbrella platform shines a light on organizations and corporations who empower women and bring them together as a community to experience “We are Better Together.”  The Women Network has a robust community that already includes over 40,000 of the most sought-after demographic: 

  • Talented women leaders, representing virtually every industry in the country.
  • A pool of highly talented professionals coming to the site to learn how to improve their company or career and learn the latest tips, products, and services available to improve their quality of life in the workplace and at home.

Womennetwork.com is currently being revised into a powerful platform that provides daily business tips, advice, and tutorials, created by authoritative experts within five life domains (career, community, social, physical, and financial) all featured on our home page/blog in a Pinterest style layout for better engagement and a user interface/experience that spurs reading, sharing and feedback. 

Women Network is also the exclusive event producer of the California Women’s Conference, North America’s premier conference for women over the past decade. In May 2014, the conference brought together 9,000 women from across the region.

The CEO of Women Network, Michelle Patterson, is a recognized expert in growth acceleration.  Michelle has been featured to offer insights on business and women issues by CNBC, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and over a dozen TV stations in California.

Michelle has built a tremendous team around her that ranges from a C-Level executive at Walmart to internationally recognized celebrities such as Arianna Huffington.  While Patterson often times is the face of the organization, she has a high powered team that helps engineer and execute success.


Unlike so many of the internet sites that have popped up without a revenue model and with the Field of Dreams inspired promise of “if we build it the revenue will come,”  WomenNetwork.com has already built a successful platform, connected to the California Women’s Conference, and has a revenue plan already in place.The site has a universal calendar that allows certain membership tiers for our enterprise partners (companies/individuals paying for exposure) to have their events, engagements, and content featured and highlighted on the homepage for the audience to engage in.  We are capitalizing off a brand that is known as the most prominent women’s conference in North America over the past decade. The California Women’s Conference has a credible reputation for engaging women.Additionally, the portal offers a dynamic individual Membership Sign-Up (individuals who are perusing the site for content) where users can select from a list of options so they can have content tailored to their specific needs. For our enterprise partners, this means having content that appeals to a qualified audience likely to engage in their product or service. For a fashion designer, that means getting visibility in front of people that identify fashion as one of their top interests. Enterprise partners will also have a tier where they can pay a premium for exposure across the entire site for any user.  Women Network is able to provide weekly reporting to enterprise members on traffic to their content, including performance indicators such as conversation, budgeting, traffic and goal setting suggestions.

Women Network is offering an Affiliate Program that allows writers with significant followings to get paid through us. This is done by promoting the membership tiers to their network and getting paid a 15% commission for every person they get to sign up. By offering a revenue share we will be able to attract some of the most successful writers and bloggers by offering them a financial incentive to contribute to our community and bring their followers to the site.


After significant market share in the U.S., our efforts will be to sustain that audience, grow in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, before moving onto growing the audience in South America, Europe, and Asia.  Through a well-sequenced growth strategy we aim to have the highest composition of professional women on a global scale.  


President & CEO – Picture Michelle Patterson
Ms. Patterson is the Founder, President and CEO of Women Network LLC, a digital media company giving women a voice to share their message.  WomenNetwork.com’s “umbrella platform” shines a light on organizations and corporations who empower women and bring them together as a community to experience “We are Better Together.”  The online digital network is also the exclusive event producer of the California Women’s Conference.  This fortunate relationship allows the Women Network to provide additional promotional benefit to the California Women’s Conference through its array of web media functions.Today, Michelle Patterson, who founded the foundation concept is also first President. The public charity foundation, which started almost ten years ago as a local festival supporting 22 charities, has grown into a global movement for women.

Michelle Patterson is also the founder of Global Women Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity created to bring women together to create global change through empowering them to transform their communities. Its mission supports women to effectuate this change through serving as a world-wide conduit for connecting community, mentoring, education, and financial support.

A successful event promoter; a lauded business accelerator (youngest Regional VP and National Sales Trainer for Robert Half, the world’s largest specialized recruiting firm); a sought-after media commentator (The Huffington Post, CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg and dozens of California TV stations); an energetic and engaging public speaker; host of a weekly radio show on Women Network Talk Radio; Ms. Patterson is also the headlining author for a women’s anthology, Women Change the World, featuring notable celebrity contributors to be released by Ben Bella Books in Spring, 2014.  It will be her third book.  Her first two books were Uncorked and How to Get Your Groupon.

Beyond her notable business success, Ms. Patterson is most passionate about her family.  She lives in Ladera Ranch, California with her husband of nearly twenty years, Eric, a successful corporate CFO in his own right, and their two beautiful children, Jaclyn and Chase.

Michelle’s team is a paid support staff and an immense number of volunteers who assist her in creating the momentum needed to financially and organizationally produce a conference of this magnitude.

Contact Information:

Michelle Patterson

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