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Jun 15, 2015 6:41 AM ET

Archived: KORXX: Building Blocks Reinvented – Smart, Fun & Natural: Cork building blocks with incredible construction characteristics. These toys are silent, sustainable, safe, smart, and lots of fun!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2015

KORXX: Building Blocks Reinvented – Smart, Fun & Natural


KORXX & Why We Are Here –

KORXX Ethics

Joy, happiness, and responsibility. It is the passion of KORXX to support children and parents in joint learning and playing in the best possible way.

KORXX color blocks
KORXX color blocks

For that, we believe that children need good toys. But what is a good toy? We are convinced that a good toy should inspire play first of all. A quality toy is fun and provides joy and many happy moments. A good toy holds your child’s attention. It should interest and engage children for a long time. It should also stimulate creativity and encourage sustainability.

We want our children to grow up to be open-minded and self-confident.  We believe one of the keys to that is fun play opportunities that provide many successful learning moments.

This corresponds to the aesthetic need of the play environment in which a child is present. In a quiet, calm and visually pleasing environment, a child can develop and pursue his dreams and ideas.

Silence in Play
Silence in Play

Play and learning elements that contain toxic substances or that are made out of environmentally harmful plastic are not the right choice for this. We have the understanding that children need genuine creative options to be happy and satisfied. We are convinced that parents and other adults need to offer such options. We believe that children should not only need tablets and smartphones to keep busy. We have the understanding that children need genuine creative options to be happy and satisfied.

Encourages creativity
Encourages creativity

In a time of frequent sensory overload for children, KORXX wants to offer minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing, and highly sophisticated play elements that create an agreeable environment at the same time. In an aesthetic combination of shape, color, and smell, we want to offer an overall natural experience.

KORXX Form color
KORXX Form color

KORXX Cork Toys

Patricia Kuch is the inspiring element at KORXX. As a mother and a business woman she knows that children need high quality and safe toys that stimulate the imagination and promote development at the appropriate age-levels. With KORXX cork toys, she and her family have developed smart, silent, sustainable play elements. Since before she became mother of two children, she was aware that a good toy should inspire play first. Quality toys provide fun, joy and many happy moments because learning is inspired through pleasure and interest.

Form color
Form color

Origin of KORXX

The origin for the understanding for quality, safety and design of natural toys relies deep in the Kuch Family. KORXX is developed, designed and produced by this family. With creativity and responsibility, the Kuch family has worked with quality wood and natural products for many generations (since 1887). It has always been the aim to develop products of the highest quality. Sven Kuch, Patricia’s husband, has grown up in this old carpenter family and in his childhood he used to play with cork blocks in the old manufacture. When he got married and became a father he told this tale to his wife Patricia. After he had shown Patricia these blocks, the whole story started. Through a creative process, she and her family reinvented building blocks with cork to design the incredible KORXX building blocks.


We further want to develop our product. We need to enhance our production and the R&D capabilities and we would need to allocate more resources to make KORXX available to more families. To be able to communicate the outstanding facts about KORXX we also want to push our marketing and communication activities.

What makes KORXX so special

The high-friction surface of KORXX allows children to build constructions that are seemingly impossible. Because of this, constructions succeed and generate many happy, satisfying moments. Testing and learning is encouraged with less failure and frustration.

KORXX brings fun by testing the limits
KORXX brings fun by testing the limits
Incredible construction characteristic
Incredible construction characteristic

Minimalistic design encourages the ability to abstract and stimulates creativity.

Free creation and testing is encouraged
Free creation and testing is encouraged

The play is very silent because of the specific light weight and smooth surface.

Building Block Concepts

We have developed different concepts of building blocks with different levels of complexity or different situations where they can be used.

KORXX Cuboid: Edged creativity – Precise geometric dimensions and proportional ratios promote free building and the realization of great ideas. Even the most unusual “seemingly impossible” structures will succeed. With KORXX even the oddest tower holds up to the limits of physics.

KORXX Cuboid - Rectrangular blocks
KORXX Cuboid – Rectrangular blocks

KORXX Kuller: Kuller-round building blocks – An oval overture of aesthetic play blocks. We’ve evolved KORXX blocks to push the limits of free building. Even structures pushing the limits of what is physically possible help children explore and exercise the imagination. KORXX Kuller–the balance block.

KORXX Kuller - Oval and round blocks
KORXX Kuller – Oval and round blocks

KORXX Form: Different shapes complement the possibility to create even more complex structures. The imagination has no limits.

KORXX Form - basic geometric shapes
KORXX Form – basic geometric shapes

KORXX Brickle: We at KORXX know how stressful it can be for children and parents to spend time in the car, train, or plane to travel. This applies equally to dining out where the patience of many can end even before the appetizer. This causes an unpleasant stressful situation for the entire family. When it is just too loud, the situation can trigger negative stress for everyone.

KORXX Brickle - Mini building blocks for to go
KORXX Brickle – Mini building blocks for to go

We at KORXX believe that we can do better. KORXX has therefore developed minimalist modular concept and developed the Brickle mini building block set for mobile use. It fits in handbags and can be stowed away in a small bag. With the super lightweight blocks can also be played in a restaurant on a table without the noise and danger. Brickle follows the basic claim of KORXX, a minimalist design aesthetic and the combination of shape, color and smell.

Quality and Safety


KORXX is made out of granulated natural cork. Cork is a natural product that is free of any detectable toxic elements. KORXX products are very durable, long life and can be recycled. Cork is harvested as a re-growing material in a sustainable forest economy. Our cork is harvested in accordance to the sustainability forest regulations FSC. Cork by its origin is super sustainable as the cork oak tree can be harvested for generations, over 200 years long.

In this lifetime the tree absorbs massive CO2 and helps the climate remain stable. Every little piece of the cork itself can be and is used during its life cycle and at the end it is just a natural product without harm for our environment.

KORXX have been tested in accordance to the following toy safety regulation:

• ASTM (US toy safety regulations)

• CE EN71 (European safety standard)

• AS/NZS ISO 8124.3 (Australian/New Zealand toy safety standard)

• KORXX have been tested from the Japanese authorities and have been approved to be sold in Japan.

• All the toy safety standards do prove the physical stability. There is no toxic or poisoning danger. The material is free of phthalate and aromas and there is no danger of heavy metals.

Tested Quality and Colors
Tested Quality and Colors

KORXX is “eco cork”

What differentiates KORXX from regular cork material? The cork material from which the KORXX blocks are made, can not be compared with the cork material that is used in the standard industry. The KORXX cork material is a special granulated cork material which is produced for the PLES GmbH.

The industry, granulated cork is not suitable for children’s toys, because of a certain pollutant emissions. This emissions do not come from the natural cork itself but from substances which are combined with the cork to obtain a certain property. These material properties are tailored to specific industrial requirements and have their use and their justification but not for the usage with toys.

KORXX on other hand is making cork to “cork eco”. With a special manufacturing process, which uses sensitive components such as time, pressure and heat, precisely matched, a natural cork material is made which is free of detectable toxic elements.

This makes it possible to create a stable and children secure material while preserving the natural appearance. The PLES GmbH has already invested a lot in this modern and gentle process to create the high quality and tested safe material which is not typical market cork. With the usage of modern technology and knowledge, we are able to create a premium toy, parents can rely on and its acquisition is worth its price.

safe, sustainable and stable building blocks
safe, sustainable and stable building blocks

KORXX Colors

Also our KORXX colors are especially developed for KORXX, to have the highest safety standards in the industry. In addition to the above mentioned international toy safety standards, our colors are ultra anti-allergen.

KORXX Rainbow
KORXX Rainbow

Awards for Quality, Safety and Design:

• Silver Design Award – A Design Award and competition 2015

• Golden Award with the Practical Preschool 2014

• “Spiel gut” Award (´12, ´13, ´14)

• Nomination Toy Award 2013 Category Pre-school

• Nomination for the toy award “Das goldene Schaukelpferd”

• Award “Spielzeugratgeber” 2013

Quality and Safety Management:

KORXX does have some longtime test customers in the private sector and in the education sector and uses the direct and instant feedback from these sources to be able to react super fast on any issue that might rise in regards to Quality or Safety.


Development of a complex stacking toy. A tower where you will be able to stack spheres on each other. To realize that, a comprehensive design and development processes is needed to run. In addition a customized crafting tool is needed to be developed and produced. The resources of this Kickstarter project will go mainly to this new development. We will keep you in the loop about the progress. We plan to have the first prototypes ready by September ´15.

The second big development step will be to develop a construction toy where you will combine the different basic KORXX shapes to new things. With that toy you won´t just stack them on each other, you will be able to fix them together to such as a car or anything else. The development time line for this is Q4 ´15.

Fact about Cork

CO2 Foot Print:

  • A cork oak, whose bark is harvested regularly, binds more than three times as much CO2 as an unused cork.

  • Cork save up to 30 percent more CO2 than other trees

  • All cork forests absorb in a year, about fourteen million tons of CO2


  • Cork oak habitats are among the biologically richest in the world (WWF)

  • The cork oak is the only tree in the world, whose bark can be peeled without causing damage to the tree.

  •  The cork oak need less water as maritime pines and eucalyptus and builds huge water Reservoirs.

  • Protects forests because of its fire resistance of cork.


  • Cork oak forests are the economic livelihood for more than 100,000 People.

  • Sustainable Economy: The conservation of the environment is also economically indispensable.

  • 45 kg cork can be harvested from on tree (max 1200 kg per harvest / tree)

  •  Cork oaks can be become 250 years old and can be harvested up to 20 times. 

  • First harvest after 20 years 

  • The bark of the cork oak is harvested every nine years and in a nearly waste-free process all different cork products are made of. 70 of the value is based on cork.

    Quelle: APCOR Quelle: Deutscher Korkverband e.V

KORXX in short

  • KORXX Design

  • Childhood is ideally supported by the KORXX design. It stimulates the imagination, the capability to be abstract and promotes development at the appropriate age-levels. Through a lot of fun in play and a lot of successful moments while constructing the children are open and their self- confidence is growing.

  • KORXX specific construction characteristic: The very high adhesion, of the KORXX building blocks is different from nearly any other material. That’s why constructions with a high failure tolerance are possible. The construction characteristics are “outstanding”,

  • Ecology aspects and ultra sustainability of KORXX cork, pls. check the doc “facts about cork.

  • The health aspects for the children: There are no detectable toxic elements in KORXX.


The production of natural and educational toys that are made in Germany/EU, is the core of the PLES GmbH. With the brand KORXX, the PLES GmbH is offering toys that are made out of natural, granulated cork. In the year 2011 KORXX was invented. People are playing and using KORXX in a private environment, in the education sector and in the healthcare sector. The PLES GmbH is led by the Kuch family.

Patricia & Sven Kuch
Patricia & Sven Kuch

We say thank you to all the people and organizations that supported us with this project. Without them we would not have been able to come that far.

Michael Schmid: Website www.sitefabrik.de

Kenneth Kahn: www.oh-toys.com

Giuseppe Basirico: Video Production and IT Consulting/Coaching

Murat Erimel: Marketing / PR Specialist

Alex Kallart: Art Director / Grafic Design

Contact Information:


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