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Jun 15, 2015 4:25 PM ET

Archived: EVOL – An Ultra-Slim (3mm) Multi-Function iPhone Case: A 3mm modular iPhone case which provides added value (increased battery life, access to multiple SIM card usage, better camera features

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2015

The iPhone is an incredible piece of technology.

We expect nothing less from the product that represents the core of Apple’s design and technological philosophy. With iPhone’s sophisticated Human Design Interface, extraordinary App selection, and elegant exterior, the device is the definition of “impossible.”

However, every phone have extremity of it’s hardware functions. That is the reason we create EVOL to break the extremity and sold the problem it bring.

Why 3mm?   

EVOL’s aim is to create value for its users without compromising the appearance of the iPhone. Therefore, the EVOL case is ultra-slim– only 3mm!

Why modular?  

We create modules based on customer needs and practicality, hence, modular allows for customized function selection

 A product that is slim and powerful – the ultimate intention of EVOL.

Battery :

EVOL Battery is the only phone battery whose circuit and capacitance are separate; this means the capacitance has zero waste. Basically, the EVOL battery is a portable wireless charger which provides 2 full recharges and will never explode!

Effective Capacity: >2400mAh (iPhone can get)

Built-in Capacity:2950mAh*3.7V  

Input: 5V 1A output: 5V 1A (Max)  

Can it be recharged with Evol MagAdapter


EVOL Memory’s internal structure is different from others – it is so slim that it looks like a natural part of the iPhone when put into the EVOL Case. Moreover, this scheme will allow EVOL Memory to stably transmit data between your iPhone (via EVOL App) and computer (via EVOL Dock).

Holder : 

EVOL Holder can comfortably be worn on any finger and provides for easy rotation


EVOL Flash is 4 times stronger than iPhone’s built-in flash and provides dramatic improvements in night photography. Powered by a lithium rechargeable battery and connecting to iPhone via Bluetooth, the shutter button located on EVOL Case makes landscape-oriented photography much more convenient. EVOL Flash can also be removed and used separately to provide side lighting for better photographing.


  • EVOL Wide-angle lens allows for a wider field of vision
  • EVOL Fish-eye lens allows for “fun” pictures
  • EVOL Macro lens allows for up-close, detailed pictures

Modules Under Development

(Unavailable as Rewards in this KS Project but will be mass-produced)


Do you often travel abroad for work or holidays and need to bring a second SIM card with you? And do you love your iPhone but are annoyed it can’t accept more than one SIM card? That’s why we have been developing 2nd-SIM module of EVOL Case. It’s an ultra-slim module that will enable the installation of a second SIM card. We believe this will be a great solution for both business travelers and vacationers going abroad with iPhones. BTW, it’s an ultra-slim module built in EVOL case’s slot without any compromising to iPhone’s beautiful design.Let’s expect it together!.


EVOL 3D camera will include 1-2 external camera lenses comparable in quality with iPhone’s standard lens. Similar to the way our eyes work, EVOL 3D will see and record the world from 2 different visual angles and form the 3D video. We are working to make this video be playable on 3D televisions and also on iPhone via a 3D helmet (which will be included in the package of this module).


Magnetic Charging:

EVOL MagAdapter is designed to magnetically link Apple’s Lightning cable with the built-in EVOL connector, despite its orientation. This makes the connection and charging process incredibly easy – simply place the MagAdapter close to your iPhone’s base and they will effortlessly link together.

Dock :

EVOL Dock will allow for:  

  • data transmission between your iPhone and computer  
  • iPhone/Apple watch battery recharge

Plan 01: “First try” 2014.12 

1.Tried using iron, but it created reception problems  

2. Tried using carbon fiber, but it was too costly  

3. Tried a case similar to the general iPhone case, but the bottom bulged; therefore, unable to retain the original iPhone appearance

Plan 02: “Almost there” 2015.1

Tried the “rainbow” scheme, but the following problems occurred:

a) Functions were not continuous  

b) Difficult to change modules

Plan 03:EVOL—The ultra-slim (3mm) multi-function iPhone case is born 2015.4


Iphone 6:142.5*70.2*11.3(mm)

Iphone 6+:162.5*81*11.5(mm)

a) The“王” iron frame avoids reception problems

b) All circuits are hidden in the back of frame – EVOL is the only wireless charging iPhone case

c) The rubber shell provides comfort for users and protection for the phone

Contact Information:


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