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Jun 14, 2015 1:47 PM ET

Archived: Phoebe’s Academic Dance Dream #PADD: Help allow me to fulfil my higher education dream – Postgraduate degree in Dance at Surrey

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 14, 2015

Phoebe’s Academic Dance Dream #PADD

Phoebe’s Academic Dance Dream #PADD

My name is Phoebe Brown, I’m 21 years old and I am raising a minimum of £2,000 to fulfil my academic dream of a postgraduate degree in Dance, that I have come so close to! I have been accepted onto the University of Surrey MA Dance Cultures program which I came to realise was the perfect course for me. This is why I desperately need funding to pay for such an incredible experience.

I graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2014 with a First Class degree in BA(hons) Dance. I have not been in the industry very long but I am a freelance dance artist, and have spent my last 6 months in residencies and dance intensives trying to take as much from the industry as I possibly can to expand my current knowledge. Alongside this I work in a local pub and for a waiting agency in London to fund my living and sporadic lifestyle.  

Higher education enables the individual to express and explore their creative, intellectual, and social self. Education not only develops your mind but it develops you as a person, and in my case as an artist. I want to continue achieving and desperately want to learn new ways of thinking, doing, and critically reflecting. If my first degree enlightened me to all of this experience, knowledge and passion, I can only imagine what a postgraduate course will do.

I strongly believe in the significance of higher education, especially within undervalued academic subjects such as Dance. To study at Surrey would open up a range of possibilities in terms of cultural, social, and academic experiences. I will eventually pursue a degree at doctorate level so to take this opportunity is extremely important to me. If you make a donation not only will it personally help me achieve my academic dream and develop my intellectual and artistic skills, but, I will take this ever building philosophical, artistic, and phenomenological understanding and use it to circulate and educate around our British culture.

I have already had to turn down my international offers to study at postgraduate level due to rejection from funding. Once I started researching degrees within the UK I only applied to Surrey as I knew their course breakdown was the best by far I have found including all aspects of Dance that I am interested in.

Contact Information:

Phoebe Brown

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