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Jun 13, 2015 11:33 AM ET

Archived: Teach. Organize. Win: We are building our teachers union in the South rooted in our communities

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 13, 2015

Teach. Organize. Win

About Us

Organize 2020 is the social justice caucus of the NC Association of Educators. Formed in response to ongoing right-wing attacks on public education, we recognize the need to build grassroots, democratic power focused on the needs of students and community first.

We are engaged in a statewide strategy to defend and transform public education, activating and training educators and parents across NC to address systemic racism and poverty not just in schools, but in our society as a whole.

In a right-to-work state, we have successfully fought off terrible teacher contracts, engaged in numerous solidarity actions with the Moral Monday movement, allied with the Fight for $15, and grown our internal membership through a series of Dismantling Racism trainings. Our fight is unique; we are building a teachers union in the South rooted in our communities

We Need Your Help

This membership and fundraising campaign will significantly help us amplify our message.

We know $20,000 is a lot of money. But the reality is that corporations and the politicians in their back pockets are spending millions to dismantle public education. The money we raise will help us to:

  • Expand our infrastructure and grow our membership through a series of seven regional trainings across the state of NC through 2016

  • Pay a part-time grassroots organizer 

  • Fund more Dismantling Racism trainings for educators


The Cold Reality

We’re not going to lie. This is a tough fight. North Carolina is at the epicenter of corporate political influence and a huge part of our opponents’ strategy is to destroy unions and dismantle public education for private profit.

We relish a challenge.

But also…we’re winning.  

As tough as this fight is, our growing resistance has already caused big problems for our opponents. We started the “Decline 2 Sign” campaign to turn down awful teacher contracts that went viral and sent politicians packing. We are turning up the heat with our each one, teach one work ethic and have steadily kept public education as a front and center issue in North Carolina.

Other Ways You Can Help

Of course we want you to contribute. Every bit counts. But we would also love for you to share this campaign. If you would be so kind as to post this link to Facebook and Twitter, say a good word about us and share through email, and contact us if you are in NC and would like to host an in-person event.

Contact Information:

Todd Warren
Jessica Benton
Holly Jordan

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