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Jun 13, 2015 12:42 EST

P2P Cash: FREE Money Transfer to 1+ Billion accounts. Saves immigrants Millions in fees. Creates Millions in profit for P2P Cash and our investors!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 13, 2015

P2P Cash

Value Proposition: P2P Cash is the ONLY money transfer company offering FREE Global Money Transfer. With MasterCard, P2P guarantees secure money transfer to 1.2+ billion cellphones globally at no cost to the consumer. P2P’s patent-pending Instant Money Tokens (IMTs) deposit cash directly into bank and mobile accounts in real-time.

P2P Cash monetizes this free service, buying foreign currency at interbank rates and delivering at retail rates, grossing ~1.5% on each transaction.

Financial: P2P’s free cash transfer model generates significant cash flows. P2P revenue derives from the foreign exchange (FX) differential between retail and wholesale FX rates (+2% to +5%). Through close FX margin management and extensive cost controls, P2P Cash expects to generate $23M of high-margin revenue by the end of 2017 reaching .

Market: The global remittance market will reach about $600 billion this year with more than $50 billion in transfer fee revenues. The U.S. is the largest outbound remittance corridor and the top few recipient markets account for >50% of the dollar volume: China, India, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam and Africa.

Problem: Banks and money transfer corporations have gouged consumers long enough. P2P Cash uses patent-pending technology to deliver cash to families back home. Current service offerings are slow and expensive for consumers, and difficult to deliver to recipients in developing countries, particularly in rural areas. Due to poor industry infrastructure and legacy systems, market players cannot effectively serve clients. Therefore consumers, who need these services most and can afford it least, end up paying the highest costs.

Solution: P2P Cash significantly reduces clearing costs and time frames, creating a highly efficient and scalable freemium business model. Our encrypted IMT technology delivers remittances safely and directly to the recipient’s cellphone and/or bank account instantly.

Using SWIFT and emerging mobile wallet standards, P2P Cash customers can send cash to over 1.2+ Billion cellphones worldwide without charging transaction fees. Key strategic partner MasterCard expands our international reach into 60+ countries. The P2P Cash solution meets all US regulatory standards and exceeds international payment security standards.

Marketing Plan: P2P will exclusively leverage digital marketing to reach senders in the U.S. and recipients abroad from the top global remittance destinations. P2P Cash recently launched services into Kenya, Vietnam and Mexico. Via MasterCard, we will launch Philippines and India in Q3; China in Q4, 2015



Best-of -Breed Security & Compliance – P2P Cash exceeds global AML and KYC regulations. We provide end-to-end encryption and security that goes beyond international payments industry standards. Our company works with the leading providers of identity management, verification and risk mitigation.

Patent-Pending Technology – P2P Cash combines the aforementioned security and compliance capabilities with our IP to provide a “Legal BitCoin”. By leveraging our cloud and mobile infrastructure we create a highly scalable, ultra low cost, ultra secure financial services platform which delivers Free Money Transfer to consumers globally.

Unique Business Model & Partnerships – P2P Cash has international partnerships and market traction that turns the global money transfer industry on its head. Free Money Transfer creates a large global customer base, generating large transaction volume. P2P leverages this “Big Data” for the delivery of value added financial services such as Micro-Finance and Micro-Insurance.

Barriers to Entry: P2P has significant intellectual property, both in its pending patent and it’s proprietary implementation of the Instant Money Token (IMT) represented by the patent.

Contact Information:

Tom Meredith
John Tomlinson
Morris Mwanga
Peter Carruthers
Donald Chapman

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