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Jun 12, 2015 8:50 EST

Renaissance Power & Gas – Electricity Generation & Utilities: to making a difference in our environment

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 12, 2015

Renaissance Power & Gas

Renaissance Power & Gas Logo


Renaissance Power & Gas is dedicated to making a difference in our environment. We do this by offering electricity products made using renewable sources, such as wind and solar, rather than traditional non-renewable sources like coal.

Every kilowatt of clean, renewable energy from Renaissance benefits the environment by reducing the need for traditional non-renewable power. One purchase of green power, combined with purchases by other customers, increases demand for renewable energy sources and lessens demand for polluting fossil fuel resources.

Renaissance currently offers a variable rate natural gas product for customers in the state of
New York. We plan to offer level fixed-rate natural gas products and to expand to other de-regulated states, such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, in the near future.
Renaissance Power and Gas plans to offer a range of electricity products generated from renewable sources. You will be able to choose from products that are produced from 1%, 10%, or 100% renewable sources.

Renaissance does not directly own any generation facilities; however, the purchase of renewable energy from Renaissance Power & Gas directly supports existing renewable generators and helps create demand for construction of new wind farms, solar plants and other sources of renewable energy.

Our headquarters are in Las Vegas with offices in New York and New Jersey.

Products / Services


Renaissance Power and Gas is an Energy Service Company (ESCo), which just means that we buy and sell the energy products that get delivered by your utility. In our case, we operate in Con Edison’s New York service territory, mainly in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Westchester. Currently, we’re supplying natural gas (and buying it from traditional sources that don’t use hydraulic fracturing).

Contact Information:

Kevin Thexton
Scott Cook
Maureen Bird

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