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Jun 12, 2015 1:11 PM ET

Archived: PRINCETON HEALTHCARE, INC.: international healthcare company

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Princeton Healthcare, Inc. (PHI) is a growing international healthcare company providing healthcare solutions for hospitals, international agencies, clinics, and companies worldwide. PHI has successfully conducted business in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and several other major emerging markets. Our Advisors and Management Team consists of Medical Technology Executives, Hospital Administrators, Medical Professionals and Banking Executives, that work effectively together to provide timely, comprehensive solutions for your growing business. 

Princeton Healthcare plans to acquire Diagnostics Labs in Brazil through it’s Brazilian Subsidiary, Princeton Healthcare do Brazil. The Diagnostic Clinical Labs of interest provides clinical services to a number of hospitals and health maintenance organizations within the Metropolitan Sao Paulo, District. Sao Paulo has a population of over 25M people, roughly two times the size of New York City. The Diagnostic Laboratory market is exploding in Brazil, which has a growing population with a high level of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and lifestyle diseases.

Princeton also has a Master Distribution License for Water Purification Technologies and a recently acquired license for Antiviral Technologies. These technologies alone are worth $1M-$2M or more each. The product is nano technology-based, and effective against Ebola and a host of other major Viruses and bacterias typically found in hospitals and remote regions, that  ultimately cause death to humans due to infections.


Princeton offers a holistic set of healthcare solutions:

  • Finance: Princeton Healthcare secures loans for creditworthy hospitals, laboratories and companies in emerging markets that are interested in buying capital equipment and consumables from the USA, and other international markets. The company has an extensive network of financial institutions throughout the world.
  • Equipment: PHI Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies from a wide variety of international manufactures and supplier and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. PHI expertise in medical devices and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, performance improvement, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies is helping hospitals, administrators and clinicians find new ways to predict, diagnose, inform and treat disease.
  • Management Consulting: PHI provides a range of hospital management services and need an assessments, including  feasibility studies, guidance and technical support from inception stages to procurement of equipment, logistics, installation and training support during the final stages of the project. PHI team has extensive knowledge and backgrounds in successfully managing major private and public hospitals globally. 
  • Real Estate: PHI has developed strategic relationships with several leading international Real Estate Service Providers to arrange the sale, purchase or lease of medical/healthcare facilities, and to assess ways in which real estate issues relate to, and affect the healthcare organization’s strategic business objectives.
  • Hospital development: Princeton Healthcare has developed strategic relationships with firms such as CLVL Solutions (http://www.clvlsolutions.com) to offer cost-saving programs for major organizations. PHI’s team can evaluate the operational areas where savings traditionally are known to exist, and can assist executives in uncovering more meaningful solutions, while creating more opportunities for reducing operational costs and mitigating risks.


Princeton’s Team  has been extensive experience operating hospitals and healthcare firms within the USA, and in key emerging markets, which are underserved in this sector. We have also successfully completed projects on five continents, and currently  working on several multi-million projects in the pipeline in South America and Africa. 

PHI, through it’s Brazilian Subsidiary, Princeton Healthcare do Brazil, is raising funds to acquire two diagnostic labs within the Sao Paulo Region. The objective is to have a majority ownership, and management control of these two Diagnostic Laboratory Services Companies. Phase I will consist of the first will be the acquisition of a company which is generating $5.5M in revenues per annum. The company concentrates on providing clinical diagnostic tests. Phase II of this program will involve the complete acquisition of the key assets of a second lab. 

PHI plans to use the funds to address the following:

  • Acquire the first company which will allow for the installation of a Professional Management Team (CEO, CFO) to run it and ultimately also the second company.
  • Provide working capital for the first company devoted to marketing efforts and securing contracts.
  • Working capital to allow company to grow and manage its current obligations.
  • Upgrading the existing Lab facilities and making plans for expansion to new facilities in 2017.
  • Establishing an Information Technology that effectively integrates both financial, and administrative, and clinical information.
  • Equipping the labs with “state of the art” medical technology for high quality diagnostics.
  • Expanding the management team and infrastructure support Team in Atlanta Georgia.
Contact Information:

Don Williams

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