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Jun 12, 2015 5:40 PM ET

Indoor Action Sports Centre – Sports Against drug abuse

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 12, 2015



Currently residents, companies and other organizations travel many kilometers to partake in indoor action sport activities located outside Atlantis. will breach the gap by offering this form of action sports entertainment to those unable to travel, help create local jobs, restore relationships and contribute to a positive shift in attitudes, promote healthier lifestyles and save our youth from a life of gansterism and drug abuse.

Further additions includes indoor soccer, kids play area which will also become a day care centre for kids needing physical training programs as a form of treatment.

Join us in tackling the issue of substance abuse by buying rewards below


Who is the sports centre for?

The indoor sports arena appeals to the entire community, businesses, family and friends, charity organizations. Churches, youth programs and many others.  By backing this venture, you will help a family heal, help create a job or offer alternative recreational activities for schools

Why Crowdfunding?

I turn to Thundafund because as an entrepreneur I have struggled non stop for almost 3 years trying to obtain funding through government institutions and corporate social grants.  Despite the lack of funding, In February this year, iFives – All Action Soccer part of opened a five aside soccer court on a piece of land, no artificial grass, no score boards, no lighting and yet we have 10 registered paying teams participating in our first ever organized 5 aside soccer league running over 2 months (10 games) Due to the outside location, and the with winter fast approaching we now have to close our operations at 18h00 due lack of lighting infrastructure which will completely stop any immediate future business growth.

 Current outside 5 aside soccer field
Current teams playing indoor soccer a thundafund crowdfunding campaign
Spectators watching the game in the dark because lack of proper lighting
Needing better lighting for the games played for the thundafund campaign


Phase 2
All the above was achieved through sheer determination, defying the odds, and ultimately changing my approach to achieving my vision for the business, taking a phase approach (phase 1, 2, 3 and final phase 4).  I require your support to take to phase 2 which will enable me to install 2 multipurpose action cricket and netball courts in an indoor environment as well as moving the existing 5 aside infrastructure to our new location.  With you help, I will transform a vacant building in Atlantis into a place where family, friends, businesses and other organisations can all enjoy fun and positive recreational activities.  Below please find photo illustration of’s vision;

  Child day care facility for kids
the play area for the thundafund crowd funding campaign


What is the impact of your contribution?

Through your support, at least 3 permanent jobs will be created during this phase, this number will grow significantly to more than 20 permanent jobs by the last and final phase which is phase 4. Government, Corporates and local businesses now have the opportunity to get full value for their money,  buying rewards for team buildings and various other events whilst complying with your Corporate Social Development (CSI) responsiblities (please browse or rewards for more details about corporate incentives) and claim BBBEE points.  If your company or organisation is planning a teambuilding, fun day, sports day or any event, etc. for this calender year, choose one of our rewards and the date of event and final details of your event can be discussed (Womens day, National Aids Day, Heritage day, etc.)

The gifted sports men, women and children will now be exposed to a new form of competitive indoor sports and will have the opportunity to participate in provincial trails (soccer, netball and cricket) and the opportunity to represent South Africa at international level.  A special school league is planned for primary and secondary school keeping our children of the street, help with problem solving skills in a fun, competitive and safe invironment.

It is my vision for to bring the indoor youth world championship for cricket, netball and soccer to Atlatnis in the next 5 -10 years.  With your backing this dream will become reality.


Our Milestones:

Milestone 1:
We’ll have enough funding to cover the costs of an upgrade to the existing Five Aside Soccer Field and flood lights!

Milestone 2:
Yeah! We can now install multipurpose Cricket and Netball courts!

Milestone 3:
Woo Hoo! We can now install multipurpose Cricket and Netball courts, Indoor Soccer mats, and lighting for the indoor arena.


What you’ll get for your pledge
Have a look at some of the rewards that we have made for you all by looking above at ‘Browse & Buy Rewards’.

Spread the word
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