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Jun 12, 2015 9:19 AM ET

Archived: CollectMyThoughts.com – The YELP! of the Business World

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 12, 2015




The YELP! of the Business World


CollectMyThoughts.com is a web resource platform that provides reviews of businesses, so buyers can make smarter decisions with ease.


To date, there is not a single practical and efficient web space for businesses to find new products and services, and simple online research wastes time and money. It is estimated that worldwide, $3.8 trillion is spent on enterprise technology and services each year.

CollectMyThoughts (CMT) is a crowdsourced website built to ensure that $3.8 trillion is being spent wisely. CMT provides buyers access to authentic reviews and practical advice and reviews from their experienced peers.


CollectMyThoughts is the first broad, comprehensive web resource platform where members provide ratings and feedback on various learning solutions, share their knowledge and exchange information with others, enabling B2B decision-makers to find and select the best suppliers with ease. Our key features include:

An objective resource for information on learning technology and non-technology solutions

User ratings of suppliers

Searchable features to match you with your supplier of best fit

User commentary & ratings of learning solutions they have used

An information library and other tools to inform buyers on the best supplier selection

A platform for vendors to present information about their solutions

Space for companies to increase their visibility in the market 

CollectMyThoughts provides reliable user-reviews and feature & functionality descriptions, allowing users to evaluate solutions that will push their own organizations to success.




Since our launch in early 2014, CollectMyThoughts.com has generated over
500 reviews of products and thousands of corporate profiles

After the launch of our pilot program in the HR and Training Software market, CMT immediately received interest from and partnered with Illuminata Global, Critical Thinking, Classroom Manager and others

Within our first month of operation, we signed 5 customers
to sales agreements and our user base is growing daily


Dan Cox, CEO, is a 30+ year business veteran of the hi-technology, education, HR and telecom industries. Having worked for global enterprises like Hewlett-Packard and Sprint, as well as startup companies, Dan has a broad perspective of what it takes to be successful. He oversees CMT’s administrative, sales and marketing sectors.

Mike Holliger, VP of Business Development, has over 30 years of successful business development and sales experience in the software and mobile industries. He has a proven record of working with global companies like Sprint and Verizon, as well as many startup companies. Mike’s responsibilities with CMT pertain to investor relations, marketing, sales, partnerships and channels.


Contact Information:

Dan Cox
Mike Holliger

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