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Jun 11, 2015 9:29 AM ET

Archived: UTILITY COMPOSITE SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC.: for electric utility power distribution and transmission, mobile telecommunication cell tower, and lighting applications

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015


Intelli-pole Composite Utility Poles are for electric utility power distribution and transmission, mobile telecommunication cell tower, and lighting applications. The company has international market potential in Mexico, Central and South America, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East. Further investment will finance business expansion plan for 2014-2018.ABOUT INTELLI-POLE™

Our modular utility pole design utilizes non-toxic polymers and high strength to weight glass fibers in a unique configuration that maximizes strength and longevity while minimizing weight. The modular design enables lightweight segmented construction of varying height poles that are corrosion and rot free, with reduced installation cost and lower life cycle cost.


  • Lightweight sectional composite pole that installs in the field without special tools or assembly methods
  • Strong, durable filament wound construction with short constant length modules for easy handling
  • Handles typical distribution loads, including multiple transformers, phone lines, cable lines, and other standard pole mounted boxes
  • Removable sections for rapid emergency replacement in the field







There are over 150 million distribution and 16 million transmission poles in the U.S. About 6 million new or replacement distribution poles are purchased each year with an estimated annual sales potential of over $15 Billion. UCSI is targeting market segments estimated at 10% of this annual market of over $1.5 billion including back-yard and difficult-to-install locations; hardening the grid for severe-storms and hurricanes; and environmentally-sensitive areas. UCSI has Intelli-pole™ demonstration pole installations at many utilities in the U.S., Mexico, and other
international locations. 
UCSI is pursuing selected international markets including Mexico, Canada, Australia, Middle East, and Central and South America. UCSI works with a Mexican marketing representative to market and sell Intelli-pole™ distribution and transmission pole products to the Mexican national electric utility, called CFE, and its 16 divisions servicing all of Mexico with over 35 million customers. UCSI has entered into other marketing and distributor agreements including a company in Oman to sell to Oman and the Emirates in the Middle East, a company in Costa Rica to sell to Central and South American customers, and marketing representatives for regions in the USA.

Contact Information:

Lyle Dunbar
Dennis Rediker
Scott Holmes
Walt Losch
Bob Guilliams

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