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Jun 11, 2015 3:33 PM ET

Archived: The SSDA Prize & Anthology: Rain for Writers

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015

The SSDA Prize & Anthology: Rain for Writers


Short Story Day Africa has launched and boosted the careers of over 80 writers from Africa in just two years.

With two competitions, two resulting anthologies, two Caine Prize nominations and one Caine Prize win under our belts, we’re asking literature lovers to help us make our third contest and anthology – titled WATER – a reality, making rain for another crop of talented African writers.

the five years since inception, the SSDA team has developed a survival ethos: to subvert and reclaim. Reclaim the place of the short story. Reclaim a space for non-conformist writing. Subvert ideas about what it means to be a writer in Africa. Subvert ideas about what makes a story African. Short Story Day Africa is a global platform for emerging and established African writers to write what we like.

The covers of our first two anthologies, Feast Famine & Potluck,
and Terra Incognita
  Diane Awerbuck, winner of the 2014 SSDA Prize, and Nick Mulgrew,
Deputy Chair of SSDA

The Short Story Day Africa Prize is only in its third year, but has already launched or boosted the careers of dozens of writers from all over the continent and diaspora. Our 2013 anthology, Feast, Famine & Potluck, resulted in two Caine Prize-nominated short stories, including the winning story, “My Father’s Head” by Okwiri Oduor. The 2014 anthology, Terra Incognita, is focused on speculative fiction, also featuring Caine-nominated writers, such as Diane Awerbuck, among emerging and established stars.


More than a creative writing competition, the prize serves as a workshop in short story writing. Through the annual prize, we identify up to twenty-one promising writers from the continent and, over a period of four/five months, work to develop their stories with two professional editors. The editors work closely with the writers to hone voice and technique, while imparting years of industry wisdom and teaching the all-important craft of story telling. The editing process becomes a master class in story telling, a privilege usually reserved for those with the resources to participate in university creative writing programmes. The process is transformative, both to the story and the writer.


We’re looking to fund our third competition and anthology through this crowdfunding campaign.

Find the terms and conditions of the prize here: http://shortstorydayafrica.org/competitions


“As a writer, rarely do you find opportunities to showcase your writing to some of the continent’s best and most influential writers. Even more rarely do you get the chance to try and get published in a groundbreaking, expertly edited anthology. I wouldn’t have a writing career if I hadn’t been published by SSDA. End of.”  – Efemia Chela, Caine Prize-nominated author

“Being a young writer, there are very few places to showcase your work. That’s ultimately the reason why Short Story Day Africa set out to create a place where all African writers could display their talents. For this, I can never thank SSDA enough. This competition has not only allowed me to get exposure for my writing, but has opened me up to a wealth of other opportunities. [Now] I’m putting the finishing touches on my debut novel, while working away at my first entry for the adult competition. None of this would have been possible without the help of Short Story Day Africa and, for that, I am forever grateful.” – William Burger, YA writer



Our Milestones

Milestone 1: R15,000 
The Tipping Point

Reaching this milestone will enable us to hire two world-class editors to produce the WATER anthology, offering developmental edits and support to the writers of the 20 top stories from the WATER competition.

Milestone 2: R50,000

Reaching this milestone will enable us to reward all our longlisted authors with a cash prize, from R500 for longlistees, to R10 000 for first place – a huge help for any writer.

Milestone 3: R150,000

Short Story Day Africa can continue its operations – including publishing, contests and events for writers – for an entire year, without having to worry about further fundraising.


Browse and Support our
The SSDA Prize & Anthology: Rain for Writers campaign
by clicking on this link ‘Rewards



Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShortStoryDayAfrica
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ShortStoryAFR
Website: www.shortstorydayafrica.org

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