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Jun 11, 2015 6:15 PM ET

Archived: Strips – The World’s Thinnest Magnetic Window and Door Sensor, now on Indiegogo

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015

For Immediate Release

Neal Greenspan
International Sales & Marketing
Sensative AB
+46 702 37 13 99 (CET)

Strips Unveiled in a Crowdfunding Campaign
Sensative launched a crowdfunding campaign on June 10, 2015 for their ultra-thin sensor, Strips. At less than 3mm, Strips is probably the world’s thinnest window and door sensor. Designed to be mounted between the window/door and its frame, it therefore is invisible to the user. Strips can protect your doors and windows and offer you complete perimeter protection, even when you are at home. Using Z-Wave technology, Strips can let you know if you’ve left a window or door open, advise you if something is opened when it’s not supposed to be and even tell you if someone is tampering with it.




Lund, Sweden, June 11, 2015 – Sensative, a startup based in Lund, Sweden with an international team of professionals from varying industries and backgrounds, announced its revolutionary magnetic sensor, Strips, with a crowdfunding campaign on June 10th.

Strips has been designed to be mounted invisibly in most applications. A long way from current magnetic sensors which are very visible. Most home security applications today do not use more than a few magnetic sensors as people do not want their homes marred by having visible blocks of plastic on all of their windows and doors. Today’s security systems rely heavily on motion sensors, which only detect something after it has entered the home. They can’t be used at night when people are home and don’t allow for homes where pets are given free range.

With Strips, one can completely protect the perimeter of a home, day or night, whether one is home or not. If one wants to protect their home and not have to worry about their pet setting off their alarm system, Strips is the product they should use! Strips will notify them through their Z-Wave gateway and internet connection if they’ve left a window or door open, if there is unexpected activity at a window or door and can even sense and communicate if someone is tampering with it.

Strips has been designed with an adhesive backing on both the sensor and magnet so mounting it is as simple as putting up a sticker. A simple inclusion and exclusion process means that Strips is simple to install to any Z-Wave gateway as well.

In short, there is no other sensor in the world like Strips and the team at Sensative is certain that it will change the magnetic sensor industry.

At Sensative, we think much of today’s smart home technology is hard to mount, difficult to use and complicated to connect. And, that makes no sense. Strips by Sensative? Now that makes sense!

Our campaign is located at – http://bitly.com/1F8Nlvy

About Sensative:
Sensative AB was formed in 2013 by its founders, Fredrik Westman and Anders Hedberg who met at an innovation competition hosted by one of Scandinavia’s biggest window and door manufacturers. Convinced their idea to make it possible to connect all windows and doors in a discreet and simple manner was ground breaking, they set to work on creating what is probably the thinnest sensor in the world, Strips. Now with Mats Pettersson on as CEO, Sensative has branched out into other areas of the smart home world, including working on an open smart home platform. A team of about 10 professionals with global experience in programming, product development, sales, marketing, procurement and project management is currently building Sensative into a world leader in the smart home branch.

Contact Information:

Neal Greenspan
International Sales & Marketing
+46 (0) 702 37 13 99

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