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Jun 11, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Archived: SPRING DESIGN & ART: Women Startup Challenge

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015



this is SPRING, the design and art gallery and store established in 2003 by Anna Cosentino and Steve Butcher – before Brooklyn was a brand! A time when DUMBO was a real hub for artists; there were no contemporary design galleries; no Design Miami/Basel; the ultimate computer was in the shape of a basketball and there were no iPhones!

Earlier this year I walked into General Assembly to attend some classes that would interest me – from Social Media to Storytelling. And this is what happened – I found my next project! I feel it was there all along and I needed to focus on other areas to bring it together. Attending those workshops was key – like the one with Lydia Loizides @talentedly – where so much thought goes into achievements and directions. It confirmed to me that I am a Producer and an Entrepreneur at heart. Always starting new projects.

This is how I found the Women Who Tech and Craig Newmark crowdfunding challenge which I entered with eight (8!) minutes to spare and was accepted! It took all the courage I could muster. 

This is a rare opportunity and one I feel will take SPRING to an exciting new level that only a few months ago I could not imagine.

This is the Project:


A new e-commerce site with the objective of bringing direct sales online. The first online person-to-person sales channel that focuses on HOME andINTERIOR DESIGN, matching clients with personal editors.


7 out of 10 online customers abandon their carts at check out! This is mainly due to indecision or insecurity.


A NEW online place that re-introduces the personal experience of walking into a store, while shopping online. It is like shopping with a good friend – you know, the one whose taste and advice you trust!

It is time to move FORWARD

This will be a new concept and a new company.
We are entering a new phase – I am taking our aesthetics and services into a new territory. The first all digital platform dedicated to HOME DESIGN, that translates the same focused and personal attention that our clients received in the store to the online experience, offering a one-on-one relationship between a style editor and aclient online.

And I will continue championing independentdesign; GOOD design; and wish to explore the right way of making the business give back.

Contact Information:

Anna Cosentino

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