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Jun 11, 2015 2:25 PM ET

Social Marley: the social media companion, pioneered by award winning young entrepreneur Ben Towers

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015

Social Marley

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Ben Towers 2

The Idea


19% of Businesses still don’t use Social Media at all, we feel this could be because:

  • they fail to understand how it will help grow their business
  • the owner is not personally on social media and doesn’t necessarily ‘get it’
  • they have no idea how to get started and can’t afford to pay agency fees

We find that there are a large number of small businesses that try to engage with their audience on social media but do it badly as commonly:

  • they struggle with the time required to manage their various networks – logging into and switching between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. and subsequently stop or post so infrequently it is ineffective.
  • their understanding of why their target audience would engage with them is sometimes flawed – due to lack of reporting.
  • Often competiting social media management platforms charge for their customers to download analytical reports.  This can be unaffordable for most small businesses and therefore they don’t benefit from this insight.


We are aspiring for Social Marley to be the new social media dashboard for small but forward-thinking businesses who want to build a successful social media presence.

  • It will seamlessly integrate some of the most commonly used social media networks into one central hub meaning accounts can all be managed in one place.
  • Businesses will be able to schedule posts, engage with their audiences and analyse their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn (and more) accounts, all from one dashboard, helping to enable a constant brand identity throughout the Internet.
  • Social Marley aims to affordable for small businesses
  • Users will have access to invaluable analytical reports on their social media activity and progress at no additional cost beyond the subscription. 

How will it outperform its rivals?

We have designed the platform to be modern and innovative and focussed on three main elements:

Usability: The Social Marley dashboard will aim be intuitive and user-friendly to enable users (even technophobe business owners) to navigate it with ease.

Design: The dashboard will incorporate a modern, clean and professional design enabling businesses to have a clear overview of their Social Media activity and thus better engage in a forward thinking mindset.

Analytics: As well as providing core front-end functionality the dashboard will be packed with in-depth analytic reports providing what we think will be invaluable insights to entrepreneurs.


Business Model

Social Marley plans to offer a basic free service and a monthly subscription-based plan. Agencies will be able to purchase a master login to the system to manage multiple clients and bulk client licenses which will save them money and help increase revenue for Social Marley.

We also plan to develop discussions with a selection of pre-existing businesses about integrating their analytic products into our system – this should provide an additional revenue stream from the product. 

As Social Marley expands, we are aiming to rapidly increase our impact with the implementation of a large selection of plans to improve growth and revenue, whilst maintaining our core ideology of helping businesses succeed on social media. 

Funding requirement

By investing in Social Marley we feel that you will be investing in the future of social media and small business growth.  The funding will be used to build the dashboard to ensure it is the pinnacle of technology and is a system small businesses want and need to use.  The money raised will also enable us to put a dedicated sales team in place.


History & Brand Awareness

Social Marley was formed in 2014 by the multi-award winning, 16 year-old, serial entrepreneur Ben Towers who has a passion for helping SMEs succeed online.

To date the concept behind Social Marley has received great traction and recognition and we have already been featured on a variety of news articles and radio programmes. Social Marley’s logo was displayed prominently on all the teams’ kits at the world’s largest celebrity football tournament (Soccer Six) in May 2015. 



Contact Information:

Ben Towers
Neville Gaunt

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