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Jun 11, 2015 2:59 PM ET

Archived: Roost Laptop Stand | Free yourself from laptop neck pain: The most effective way to improve posture and help eliminate pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for laptop users

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015

Roost Laptop Stand | Free yourself from laptop neck pain


Odds are, you’re well acquainted with the neck and other pains that come with hours of leaning over a laptop. It doesn’t have to be that way!

The new Roost Laptop Stand is the world’s most portable, eye-level laptop stand that elevates your screen to prevent ‘laptop hunch.’ Used with a portable keyboard and mouse, or next to your desktop monitor, the Roost Laptop Stand transforms your laptop into a posture-perfect desktop workstation, literally anywhere.

The Roost Laptop Stand - On the Road
The Roost Laptop Stand – On the Road
The Roost Stand - Packed Up and Ready to Go
The Roost Stand – Packed Up and Ready to Go
The Roost Laptop Stand - In the Office - Standing Desk
The Roost Laptop Stand – In the Office – Standing Desk

2,500 backers pledged to get rid their “laptop hunch” for the Original Roost’s Kickstarter back in June 2013. James and the team delivered the Roosts largely on-time. And customers were thrilled with just how awesome and helpful the Roost truly was.  

Word spread quickly, and since then, 10,000 Roosts have been put to work relieving sore necks and supporting good posture.

History – The original Roost Laptop Stand was created out of pure necessity. James, the Roost’s creator, incurred so much damage leaning over a laptop, he lost the ability to type and was taking time off work to recover – all by age 26.

The solution prescribed by his physical therapist was to elevate his laptop screen to eye-level and use proper posture. James scoured Amazon for a suitable, portable device to accomplish this, but found nothing compelling. His inner engineer piped up – “Build it!”

Meet the Need – The original Roost was made with a laser cutter, off-the-shelf parts, and a ridiculous amount of rivets. However, the evolution of its design was ultimately limited by this “hobbyist” manufacturing method that built it.  

The Evolution – The new Roost sheds all those limitations. It’s been completely redesigned from the ground up, taking full advantage of high-performance injection molding.

Easy to Use – It’s simple: One easy motion opens and closes the Roost. You can stop the painful laptop hunch in seconds, and packing up is just as easy and quick.

Extremely Portable – Get work done anywhere The Roost Laptop Stand collapses into an impossibly small 1″ x 1″ x 13″ package and is a featherweight 5.8 ounces – it also comes with a Rip-Stop Nylon Carrying Sleeve.

Height Adjustable – Adjusting your workstation to match your body and environment is critical for maximum comfort and productivity. The Roost provides rapid height adjustment to fine tune your screen height to match your eye-level.

Universal Compatibility – Patent-Pending “Pivoting Grips” automatically adjust to fit your laptop’s size and shape. 

Extreme Stability – Your laptop needs to be safe and stable when lofted up off the desk. The Roost’s patent-pending Pivoting Grip mechanism securely latches on to your laptop, keeping it safe from unexpected bumps.

Your Laptop Spill-Proofed – It’s much cheaper to replace a keyboard than a laptop. Here’s a good save from the original Roost Laptop Stand:

Keep it Together with Optional RKM Case (Roost Keyboard Mouse) – Think: Your entire office in a super compact carrying case. The heavy-duty nylon RKM Case has a spot for your Roost, Bluetooth keyboard, and mouse. And the external pouch stashes your charging cables. You are ready to go.

(RKM Case fits Original Roost as well)

The Roost Laptop Stand will be manufactured in partner with Alfred Manufacturing in Denver, CO, USA.

Alfred Manufacturing is a 3rd-generation family-owned and -operated manufacturer with over 120 employees and 75,000 sqft of manufacturing floor. The Roost team is honored to have the opportunity to partner with a manufacturer so well known for exceptional production quality across every industry: aerospace, automotive, military, commercial, medical, sporting, motorcycle, energy (green, nuclear, fossil), turf and landscaping, and housing hardware markets.

Please stay tuned for future updates where we’ll interview and get to know the people behind the machines and process that bring a product like the Roost to life.


Stay tuned for Project Updates that will dive into the engineering, design, and testing that went into making the Roost.

Roost Press Kit:



The new Roost has been extensively prototyped and tested, which means the final hurdle is translating its design into production tooling. Obviously, we want to minimize risk, and the best way to do that is to work with the best people in the business. That’s why Roost is using one of the top precision plastic manufacturing companies: Alfred Manufacturing, based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

What’s more, James (the project creator) will oversee production every step of the way – he lives only ten minutes from production facility.

We have all the pieces in place and ready to go. With your support we can make this product a reality.

Contact Information:

James Olander

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