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Jun 11, 2015 8:15 EST

Phoenix Financial Holdings, Inc.: Our firm grows wealth through buying existing businesses that we believe can be more productive & valuable than they are currently

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015

Phoenix Financial Holdings, Inc.

Phoenix Financial Holdings Inc. is a conglomerate holdings firm that oversees and manages subsidiary business entities. The firm’s current investment activities involve investments into middle-market business entities and acquisition of small to mid-sized C-Corporation companies who have demonstrated growth potential. Through leadership and strategic planning, Phoenix Financial Holdings Inc. seeks to optimize its subsidiaries corporate structures for maximum returns, and by the virtue of scope of operations throughout the firm’s holdings portfolio, increase overall corporate value for the firm and its venture partners. The firm excels in generating value while mitigating risk through diversification in both its target holdings portfolio composition as well as diversification in the firm’s revenue structure through LBO majority ownership and operations acquisitions, combined with minority equity investments into high performing, well structured, established brands.

There are numerous companies that have established local brand presences, strong historical ties to the communities they serve, and have significant growth potential; however many lack the sophistication, structure, or resources necessary to elevate these brands from their apparent “mom & pop” classifications to compete amongst the larger corporate entities that often enter markets and erode local share. Our firm buys into these middle-market companies and infuses operational resources to make those brands more productive than they are currently. We aim to optimize the structure of these companies, to ensure the operations are sustained, and are able to continue having positive implications on the communities they serve. Our goal is to position acquired middle-market companies for growth and expansion; not flipping businesses like many of our competitors. Our firm is interested in an aggressive proliferation of our holdings portfolio. We are focused on 6 high performing and competitive sectors which go towards maintaining diversification within our holdings and mitigating risk.

Phoenix Financial Holdings expects to see 40% growth year-to-year. Phoenix Financial is able to aggressively increase the firm’s value in more compressed time frames by virtue of our LBO structured acquisitions of companies whose gross revenues are minimally $1.5MM annually.

The firm currently has a solid funnel of working LBO transactions ready for financing and capital investments to stimulate the stated growth. Additionally, the firm is able to further supplement and increase the firm’s value through a steady 10% increase year-to-year in minority equity investments into established entities that have proven operational structures and management. Through these types of auxiliary revenue streams, the firm can further support potential capital investments into subsidiaries and newly acquired firms without constraining the firm’s management & operations, ensuring value is created and returns to investors are maintained.


Contact Information:

Brandy Williams
Ahmad Jackson
Dr. Wanda Knight
Alvin Lee Sealy

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