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Archived: Holus: The Interactive Tabletop Holographic Display: Holus provides a blend between the digital and real world by converting any 2D digital content into a 3D holographic experience

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Holus is a tabletop holographic platform that converts any digital content from a computer, tablet or smartphone into a 3D hologram. To put it simply, whether it is a board game, DNA structure or the solar system, your content comes alive – view it from four different angles and interact with it in ways that have never been possible.

Use Holus at home to learn, collaborate and have fun. It also opens up opportunities for developers to create their own holographic applications.

There are two versions of Holus available- a home edition with two smart phone charging docks and a Holus Pro. Holus Pro includes an HDMI port and SDK tool so that developers can unleash a world of new possibilities.

Holus can be used as a family entertainment system, business tool or for developers to create their own holographic applications.  Holus provides a natural and intuitive way of engaging with information.

Holus’ enhanced interaction promotes memory retention and also health by encouraging users to move around and can also predict a user’s position through motion tracking. Unlike many entertainment and wearable systems that tend to isolate people, Holus aims to create a “social campfire” experience that brings people together without having them miss out on real life moments.

Enjoy playing games on Holus face-to-face with friends and family. Explore and interact with the characters from many different angles.

Feel your loved ones near no matter where they are with holographic teleconferencing.

 Visualize your model and explore its details before 3D printing.

Use an Emotiv Brain Sensor to control holographic objects with your mind.

Connect Holus to other input devices such as Leap Motion in order to interact directly with the content in a natural and intuitive way using gesture recognition.

Use voice command to interact with Omi, the first holographic assistant.

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We have been iterating over the past 18 months in order to understand how Holus can be designed in the most successful way possible. In the past, holographic experiences were bulky, expensive and not energy efficient.

We wanted to design Holus in a way that would achieve safety, cost-effectiveness, light weight, energy efficiency and a clean, minimal design so that the user could see and engage with others around Holus. We also recognized two key challenges that we face with current display technologies: isolation and stagnation of human movement. 

We asked ourselves critical questions such as, “how can we create a truly immersive experience that involves at it’s core: movement? How can we use Holus to facilitate human connection and form meaningful relationships?” 

We wanted to ensure that our design process was focused on user experience.  After years of R & D we believe we have finally achieved this with Holus. 

At H+, we believe the developer community has a lot to offer, and therefore we invite them to be a part of our work and contribute their ideas. We are working to make Holus a completely open platform so that the developer community can bring any idea to life! We are further supporting developers by providing demos and SDKs for Unity3D and Unreal game engines, along with plugins for our partners’ products, Leap Motion, Emotiv, and Occipital. With our proprietary middleware, we have made it easy for not only for Developers but Artists and Designers to create applications for Holus! 

As soon as you acquire your Holus we’ve made it easy to setup and use.
If you’ve purchased the Home Edition: Unbox, plug in and download your choice of apps from the Google Play & Apple Stores. 

If you’ve purchased our Holus Pro edition the possibilities with Holus are unlimited! 

We enjoy Holofying and building on-top of other products we love. In minutes Holus will allow you to connect your favourite platform or device that has an HDMI port or USB connection!

We are fortunate enough to partner up with some great charities and companies to bring out the best of Holus:

LEAP MOTION: Leap Motion uses sensor technology to precisely track movement and hand gestures over a large area. With the Holus, Leap Motion can allow your hands to interact with the holograms such as performing a pinch motion to select a fish. The tablet can then reveal information about that fish and in the end, be drag-and-dropped back into the aquarium.


We are a group of visionary individuals who came together in 2012 after meeting whilst studying for our Masters at the Centre of Digital Media to create H+ Technology. We have knowledge and expertise in electronics, communication engineering and computer science. We also have experience setting up start-ups and of course, have learned many invaluable lessons along the way.

We are committed to create something that changes the way we interact and experience information. Holus is our first step in the direction of Humanizing Technology.

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