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Jun 11, 2015 12:07 PM ET

Archived: Blink: Linking black culture

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2015

Blink: Linking black culture


The era of social media is a great tool. It provides news, entertainment, sports updates even education. The most important aspect is social media unites us. Instagram monitor us, delete our posts, shut us down and even able to lock us out at anytime. We need to be connected at all times to remain updated. Only way for this to happen is to have our own. We bring you the creation of “BLINK” [= black+link]. The Instagram-like social media app linking Black Culture. 

An interactive photo/video sharing social media platform including push notifications, geo-location, groups, direct messaging and other features to keep it competitive and updated.

After initial launch Blink will partner with Black-owned organizations, businesess at all levels, local, regional and national even HBCU’s for advertisements. These ads are purposeful at maintaining operational costs. These advertisements will be pushed to users timeline feeds embedded as normal appearing posts with an esteemed “sponsor” insignia. These ads will appear as both photo or video. 

Blink is the key for creating and elevating awareness of Black-owned businesses.  Building our own network.  An essential component of advancing our culture.

Blink will use part of its resources and revenue to assist with one selected business startup annually. From assisting with turning a vision into a business plan, connecting with contacts and even financial assistance. Criteria and guidelines to be posted on forthcoming website.

Free to download from Apple’s App Store, Android’s Google Play and on Windows smartphones as well.

To launch Blink we need financial contributions to cover developer fees, server fees, domain fees and other expenses. That’s were you come in.  We need your help. Please give what you can.


Contact Information:

T Colbert

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