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Jun 10, 2015 7:08 AM ET

Archived: YouPick App – The Best Way to Agree on a Place to Eat

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2015




YouPick is a new free app that helps friends and families agree on a place to eat. Available for download in the Apple App Store™ and Android Google Play Store™, YouPick is the best way for a group to reach a decision about where to eat. Our hope is to help friends and families avoid the awful waste of time involved in trying to decide where to go eat. We imagine a mom, who has three kids and a husband, and can send them all an invitation. They all pick where they want to go, and YouPick takes care of the rest.


Deciding where to go out to eat with a family or a group of friends can be a daunting task. Everyone secretly knows where he or she would like to go, but no one wants to voice an opinion. Or sometimes, everyone in the group names a favorite, but then there is no way to choose among the options.



YouPick features two great ways to help any group pick a place to eat. A user begins the decision process by selecting group members (i.e. friends and/or family) and inviting them all to name a place to eat. Wherever they are, all guests can then privately name their preferences. Depending on the selection method set up by the host, the group will then immediately receive a random result or conduct a secret vote. The host can also set the time for the meal and the budget.


Host sets meal time, budget, and selection method. Selection method is either Random Result (each restaurant that received a vote has a random chance of winning) or Secret Vote (the spot with the most votes wins).

Using the host’s location, YouPick will search for restaurants within a 25 mile radius and show those that are the best rated and nearby. This is the list from which the group will choose. Both automations can be manually overridden as well, i.e. guests can choose a location other than their current location, and they can also search for and choose restaurants not automatically shown by YouPick. After all, we all have our objectively terrible little dives that we still love unconditionally. 

Host selects friends and family to invite. YouPick 1.0 allows the host to auto-invite people through his or her phone contacts, but version 2.0 will also allow proximity-based invitations. If an invitation goes unopened after 30 minutes, then YouPick moves ahead using the options that have been selected by guests who responded.

Each invitee and the host select a place they would like to eat at from the auto or manually populated list. 

YouPick chooses a winner based on the selection method.

Attendees are notified of the winning restaurant through push notifications.

The cost for all this time-saving and argument-avoiding awesomeness, you ask?

Three easy payments of free, billed every other lunar eclipse. (That’s our clever, but not really, way of saying that the app is totally free.) 


YouPick is a finished product that is currently on the market for both iPhone and Android users. It has undergone extensive testing by our development team and by the App Store. We launched YouPick the third week of March and already have over 500 users, 400 iOS and 100 Android. Every day, we gain close to 10 more users.

We have also submitted a provisional patent application on YouPick’s convenient decision-making process.

The first version of the application is supported via a basic banner ad model. Our team is more than halfway through developing YouPick 2.0. This upgraded version will include a ton of awesome features, including these:

Yelp integration

A new UI and Parse.net features

A new native ad model for restaurants and food chains to be able to engage users as they are picking a place to go eat

Integration of reservation capabilities through OpenTable

Closest friends visible to hosts by proximity without searching through contacts

When YouPick 2.0 launches is largely up to YOU! We need your help!


YouPick is a project of recent college graduates from Charleston, South Carolina who were sitting around a table doing what they often did, going back and forth about where to eat. No one wanted to be the one to pick, but everyone seemed to have a place he secretly wanted to go. Frustrated with how much time they were wasting trying to agree on a place to go, they came up with the idea for YouPick!

Steven Munoz, President
Steven’s vision for innovation and commitment to making a difference have enabled him to build a thriving company. Since 2009 he has charted a bold course that has entailed some risks, but also significant rewards. Steven is passionate about the American Dream and the values of the Greatest Generation. He enjoys travel, technology, and spending time with friends. 

Sergei Kvasov, Lead iOS Developer
Sergei is a highly skilled iOS and Objective-C developer whose passion since childhood has been IT and software development. Sergei holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Belarussian National Technical University and has seven years of experience working in IT. Since 2011 he has worked as a mobile iOS developer and team leader. Sergei enjoys reading, exploring new technologies, working with startups, and meeting new people. He is devoted to his family and loves to travel.

Scott Thomas, Project Manager 
Currently the leader of an influential political organization, Scott enjoys rolling up his sleeves and making things happen, both in the political realm and at YouPick. His experience in logistics and media relations makes him one of the company’s most valuable assets. When he’s not at work, Scott likes hiking and boating.

Victor Vorontsov, Designer
Victor started drawing user interfaces before there were iPhones and Androids. With eight years of experience in UI and web design, he brings essential talents to our growing company. His elegant mobile interfaces make our products a joy to use and help us attract more customers every day. In his off-hours, Victor enjoys exploring new technologies and playing with his pug dog. 

Advisory Board

Edwin S. Taylor
Eddie Taylor founded the legendary “Atlantic House” restaurant on Folly Beach, just outside of Charleston, SC. In addition to a multi-million dollar restaurant, Mr. Taylor has developed a successful multi-million dollar investment property portfolio. The famous Edwin S. Taylor Folly Beach Pier bears his name.

Dr. Frances Frame, Professor at The Citadel, Charleston, S.C.
With 20 years in higher education, Dr. Frame brings wisdom and leadership on organizations, best practices, and teamwork to the company.  

Contact Information:

Steven Munoz
Sergei Kvasov
Scott Thomas
Victor Vorontsov

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