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Jun 10, 2015 7:32 AM ET

Archived: The David Pakman Show To The Next Level!: New shows. A 2nd host. Investigative journalism. Still independent

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2015

The David Pakman Show To The Next Level!


The David Pakman Show has done so much since that first show in August of 2005. From one show every other week in the basement of a community radio station in Northampton, Massachusetts to syndication on over 175 television and radio stations, daily broadcast on DirecTV and DISH Network alongside Thom Hartmann, Ring of Fire, and Democracy Now. From 100 YouTube subscribers and less than 100 views per video to over 140,000 subscribers and 3.5 million views per month…all done as a grassroots, independent show.

It’s time to take TDPS to the next level. Corporate media is broken. Never in history has trust in media been lower. Corporate media caters to corporate interests, which don’t represent YOU, the average news consumer. And we’re going big.


We’re as tired as you of the same stories on the same corporate channels with the same tired homogeneous analysis. TDPS has already done the tough part – getting past the initial barriers. We exist. We’re on many radio and TV stations and have developed a steady and growing audience. If we can do this — if we can make this expansion happen in advance of the 2016 election cycle — we are setting ourselves up to be real players in the political media landscape. Most importantly, we can counter the echo chamber of corporate media talking points. Help us make it happen!


It’s time to expand TDPS and make a commitment to the future of independent progressive media. We’re raising money to do exciting things:

  • Expand our studio, increasing the production value and capacity for producing content
  • Hire Producer Louis full time and bring him to Boston, which will improve the quality of the show and allow for more programming.
  • Create another show with a new host, to be produced at the new TDPS studio
  • Start investigative journalism. Corporate media isn’t interested in real investigative journalism. It’s expensive, and it might upset their corporate sponsors. Thanks to your support, we don’t have that problem.
  • Develop a “mobile studio” to allow for remote broadcasts from where news is happening
  • Develop a Roku channel for distribution of TDPS and upcoming new programming
  • Create a massive brand awareness campaign throughout YouTube & internet news websites through pre-roll video ads on news content

We’re trying to raise $50,000. This will allow us to put in place the above plan, while keeping our show independent.

Can you help? With perks available at all levels, we can hit our goal! If 500 people give us $100, we reach our goal! If 1000 donors contribute $50, it’s over! If a few people here and there can make larger contributions, we’ll get there even faster!

Contact Information:

David Pakman
Louis Motamedi

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