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Archived: Khomyc – Bringing freedom to the world of comics

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2015

Khomyc´s main goal is to create a platform where audiences can connect with and learn about comics and artists who haven’t been printed by the mainstream publishers. We want to create a direct link between the artist and the reader, by forming a relationship between the two. But this doesn’t start and end with the mutual relationship between the artist and the reader; we would also like to nurture relationships among readers and authors alike by means of fostering the exchange of ideas, promoting collaborations, finding recommendations, or even just putting people with similar interests or hobbies in contact with one another.

So, readers can enjoy comics that had never before been published by traditional means, and artist can self-publish without restrictions and making profit. And Khomyc Platform will provide the necessary tools to users, like an easily access all the comics on the web from web browser or from our apps on Android and iOS, or a free preview for each comic.

On the other hand, artist will have too useful tools that allow them to keep in touch with their readers, answering their questions and having an open dialogue with them. Analytics will be at their disposal to get a data analysis of the reading statistics and sales of their comic, letting them get to know their readers better.

But most importantly: artist will keep copyright control over their material.

If the campaign is successful, Khomyc will go live in spring 2015. For more details (a lot), visit our campaign on Kickstarter.

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