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Jun 9, 2015 8:48 AM ET

True Link – Fraud protection for seniors

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015




True Link protects seniors from predatory and fraudulent charges. One in three seniors has lost money to fraud – a total loss of $36b a year. We offer seniors and their caregivers a customizable Visa card with individualized controls that specifically protect against the types of fraud affecting the elderly.

From senior living to retirement savings to health insurance to adult diapers, companies have made billions adapting mainstream products for an aging market. The message is always “be prepared with extra protection, so you can live happily and independently longer.” Banking is the only major industry where this hasn’t yet been done. It’s inevitable that someone will make a billion dollars adding independence-preserving safety features to a normal debit card marketed to the aging population.

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Investors from previous rounds

  • Michael Liou
    Great team with great idea long overdue
  • Matt Cutts
    There’s millions of elderly people who would benefit from a credit card that protects them from being scammed. True Link allows caregivers to set simple rules for which credit card transactions are permitted.
  • Garry Tan
    Painful real-world unmet need with a hardcore data-driven approach.
  • Joel Englander
    Amazing Team!. Kai has thought of many different ways this business can develop, he seems nimble and in control of the outcome
  • Ignacio Fanlo
    Products like Lively make your person, TrueLink keeps your financial life safe
  • Sumit Gupta

    2x Entrepreneur (w/ exits), founder CEO #mobile @Bash Gaming #social @bitrhymes #saas @BizSig #Investor @BlockCypher @Vulcun @Beepi  #mentor @Rolocule Games

Contact Information:

Kai Stinchcombe
Claire McDonnell

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