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Jun 9, 2015 5:33 PM ET

Archived: STAND UP 4 ME.ORG: Victims in Maine need more people to stand up for them – to support them in their quest for justice

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015


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For the past three decades sexual assault victims in Maine have been intimidated and ignored by people in positions of authority, including town leaders, clergy and even the Police.

Victims of sexual assault are particularly intimidated by authority figures who act in ambivalent or worse ways towards victims.  Many victims of sexual abuse are crushed by the guilt, intimidation and ambivalence they face, and remain in the shadows. 

To further complicate the situation, even family members can be uncomfortable or unsupportive when sexual assault crimes are committed.


The Need

Victims in Maine need more people to stand up for them – to support them in their quest for justice and to help them along their journey from victim to survivor.  Most survivors lack the resources needed to come forward and make their case effectively in the current environment.  Equally important is the need to raise awareness, educate and change the existing culture surrounding sexual abuse so that it can be prevented and stopped immediately whenever it happens.


The Inspiration

Matt Lauzon is one of many courageous male survivors in Biddeford, ME who were sexually assaulted and have come forward to seek justice.  Matt is an advocate for survivors in Biddeford and all other survivors across Maine.  He’s also an entrepreneurial leader and advocate for the Boston Start-Up Community.


An Immediate Cause

Resources are needed right now to raise awareness, educate and provide the legal and investigative support so that another generation of victims is not abused in Biddeford and other towns in Maine.

Contact Information:

Bob Hower

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