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Jun 9, 2015 1:23 PM ET

Archived: Publish so more people laugh: I’d like to publish my book on life stories, travel adventures and more. Will you help me? There’ll be something for everybody

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015

Publish so more people laugh

Publish so more people laugh

About the Project

I am going to publish a book of stories of life experiences, some fun, some incredible ones, some of reflection, adventures and other, lived over more than 20 years of traveling, most of the time by sea. I’d like to publish this book with a publishing company that will take the plunge with me. At the first publishing company I contacted, a tiny but good one, I was welcomed very nicely and they were enamored with the content of the more than 150 pages of stories submitted, even though none of it had been edited yet. They immediately assured me that I had their seal to publish with however, I had to come up with the cash to pay for publishing of the book. Hmmm. What to do so that these stories reach those who might enjoy them, be motivated by them, be transported in their imagination by them? This book would be such a great book to give to women of all ages, daring woman (aren’t we all?), or not so daring ones. Or to any human being for that matter, who might be entertained and maybe inspired by the author. So I have to pre sell 500 books or more to raise the funds. I can do it. WILL YOU HELP ME? This is a project that is being pushed forward with the impulse generated by the comments of those who have read these stories through the years, friends and family who insisted I should put it all in a book. Stories of nerve wrecking sledge experience down a steep frozen hillside in Norway, or a flight in a propeller plane over the Caribbean islands, diving experiences, witnessing a lioness in the wild devouring a dead horse a few yards from me, as well as having been part of a sort of trial by community chiefs in a lost atoll of the Pacific for apparently not following some unknown and unwritten rule. How not leave these stories in writing for others to enjoy? And as I like to draw too, I hope to be able to draw small drawings at the beginning and end of each of the book’s sections. It will look awesome.
I’d be super thankful if you could join me in this venture. I would dare say that you won’t be disappointed; you will be transported by the stories to re live each of them with me. To all who believe that the fact a good book such as this one can be published, and will contribute to entertain, inspire and motivate others out there, raise your hand. Or better still, click to contribute. I hope you’ll come with me in this journey and that we will see this project turn into a book.
Many thanks in advance!


Contact Information:

Rosita Schandy

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