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Jun 9, 2015 3:39 PM ET

Archived: Philly area yarn shop creates exciting new brand of locally made luxury yarn

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015



Five years ago Jo Ann Zimmerman, lifelong knitter and Main Line PA resident, opened a local yarn shop, Stash, to bring great yarns to the local community, and folks have really responded. Now in beautiful downtown Havertown, PA, Stash has helped literally thousands of people in the greater Philadelphia area knit and crochet mountains of stuff.

All of these projects were made with yarns from Jo Ann’s shop, but she began to wonder, where were they from before that?? The short answer is, nowhere nearby.

In fact, most yarn comes from places like China and Turkey, which costs American jobs and compromises human rights. And importing the yarn to U.S. distributors who then ship it out to yarn shops all across the country creates more carbon emissions that damage our environment.

It was time for a better way, and since Stash couldn’t find one, they’re creating one!

Working with a family run fourth generation fiber mill in Pennsylvania, Stash is creating our its brand of all natural yarns. Their first product, Stash Select, is a blend of luxury fibers that will be available in 20 fabulous colors.

And because it’s made locally, it saves local jobs AND helps the planet. YOU can help, too!

Stash needs to raise $6200 in the next 30 days to make its new yarn, Stash Select, a reality.They’ve launched a kickstarter campaign with some cool rewards to thank backers for their support, so please fund this awesome project in whatever amount you can, and please share the campaign with your friends and neighbors.



Contact Information:

Jo Ann Zimmerman
Stash Yarn Shop

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