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Jun 9, 2015 3:15 PM ET

Otaku no Video Anime Blu-Ray Set Funds, approaching 2X goal

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015

AnimEigo’s Premium Blu-Ray Set of the (in)famous Anime Mockumentary hit its funding goal in only 13.5 hours, hit its first stretch goal in only a few days, and is now approaching the 2X mark. The limited-edition set is design for — and in part by — the backers of the project using AnimEigo’s unique “crowdproduction” system.

This is the second successful Anime crowdfunding project for AnimEigo, following last year’s Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition, which also was funded for more than twice the initial goal.





One of the classic “old-school” Anime titles, Otaku no Video is what happens when Gainax, the acclaimed anime studio founded by fans, decides to make fun of itself — and everyone else. Mixing classic animation and hilarious fake interview “expose” segments, it tells the story of an upstanding young man who is seduced into the world of Anime fandom — and decides to “Otakunize” the entire world.

AnimEigo’s special limited edition set includes both 45-minute Otaku no Video OVAs, subtitled in English, plus 2 commentary tracks, a boatload of digital extras, new original artwork by character designer Ken’ichi Sonoda, a mini-poster, a custom patch and more. A premium version of the set adds upgraded packaging and a 32-page art book.

Upcoming stretch goals include a mini-manga, a third commentary track, and — because today is a good day to subtitle — Klingon subtitles.

The set will only be sold via the crowdfunding campaign and (while supplies last) on AnimEigo’s website; it will never be available in regular commercial channels. The campaign ends June 25th.

AnimEigo’s unique “crowdproduction” system lets interested backers participate in the actual production process in a variety of ways, from voting on packaging choices to working on translation, subtitling, graphics and research. On the Bubblegum Crisis project, for example, teams produced subtitles in 6 languages, including Finnish.

“One of the fundamental problems of media in the digital age is that the cost of copying something has dropped to almost nothing,” said AnimEigo CEO Robert Woodhead. “Getting fans directly involved in the actual production process is a way to address this issue — you can copy a Disney film, but you can’t copy a trip to Disneyland.”

AnimEigo, founded in 1989, is the oldest surviving Anime releasing company in North America. Based in Wilmington, NC, the company has released hundreds of critically acclaimed animated and live-action Japanese films.


WATCH VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/animeigo/onvpromo




Contact Information:

Robert Woodhead, CEO
[email protected]

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