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Jun 9, 2015 10:32 AM ET

Archived: Independent filmmakers turn to online fundraising for Missing in Action film

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015



Missing Peace Film

Missing Peace Film, LLC 6120 Blackburn Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036

For More Information:
Linda Gacskó, Director, Producer 323-204-2156 (mobile) Steven Hiller, DP, Producer 847-774-9491 (mobile) Email:
Web: www.MissingPeaceFilm.com

Independent filmmakers turn to online fundraising for Missing in Action film

If all goes well Hesperus film producers Steven Hiller and Linda Gacskó will reach the budget needed to make their feature film project by 07/01/15 using Kickstarter.com. Missing Peace Film is a documentary about the Missing in Action from the Vietnam/ American war.

Steve and Linda have a long history in the theatrical film industry with their work totally in camera. Several years ago they formed Hesperus films specifically for the purpose of making documentary films. Missing Peace will be their first complete in-house production after shooting a number of other documentaries for different companies.

This project is counting on funding from Kickstarter.com. Kickstarter is an all or nothing funding method where projects must be fully funded or no money is exchanged. Missing Peace Film LLC was formed and the decision was made to find donations from the followers who agreed that the project was a worthy and important.

Missing Peace Film is about one of the most troubling aftermaths of the Vietnam War: those missing in action and, just as important, the story about those who both wait and continue to search. The LLC group has both experienced filmmakers and historians with direct experience from the beginning of the MIA efforts inside Vietnam. In addition to the filming of actual searches taking place and the efforts of both governments the film will share the experiences of those families and loved ones who have waited and in some cases also joined the search. Research and some filming began in 2008 and after several short concept edits it was decided to push on with a feature length film about this important subject.

Steven and Linda noted, “We chose Kickstarter because it gave us the ability to spread the word quickly online to a large number of people and to keep them updated on the project. We also have expanded our communication reach using various social media like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.” Missing Peace Film currently has over 1500 followers on Facebook alone.

“Our biggest concern was the decision about how much funding we needed and how much of that total to raise via Kickstarter.” Kickstarter only allows a certain number of days to reach your fundraising goal.

Missing Peace Film’s Kickstarter campaign launched on 06/01/15. The filmmakers are hitting the deck running to get the support needed to reach, and even exceed, its goal before time runs out.

Those interested in supporting this film or contacting the filmmakers should visit


Email: missingpeacefilm@gmail.com

Missing Peace Film Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/802020638/missing-peace-film


Missing Peace Film, LLC Steven Hiller

Director of Photography | Producer: IMDB.com http://imdb.to/1LjWgjg Linda Gacsko

Director | Producer: IMDB.com http://imdb.to/1IKuj67

Bill Duker
Producer | Historical Consultant: Vietnam veteran and past chairman of Veterans Initiative

Gary Jones
Producer | Historical Consultant: Vietnam veteran and past chairman of POW/MIA committee

Contact Information:


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