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Jun 9, 2015 3:28 PM ET

Help Us To #RewriteTheCode: The #ProjectDiane Documentary: An engaging documentary film exploring the intersection of race and gender in tech

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015

Help Us To #RewriteTheCode: The #ProjectDiane Documentary

#ReWriteTheCode is a short 15 Minute documentary film exploring the intersection of race and gender in tech.

Three Super Awesome Reasons You Should Support #ReWriteTheCode


1. Be a Part of the FIRST Documentary Exploring the Role of the Intersectionality of Gender and Race in Tech through black woman founders of tech companies.

2. Current projects focus mainly on the very beginning of the pipeline. It’s important to show those that the STEM pipeline leads to an sea of opportunity.

3. You’ve Always Wanted to Be a Movie Producer!

#What is ProjectDiane?

Read This AWESOME Fast Company Article About The Importance of #ProjectDiane

digitalundivided’s #ProjectDiane disrupted pattern-matching in tech by identifying diverse women founders of startups/tech companies.

#ReWriteTheCode is the final phase of #ProjectDiane.

Launched in February 2015 the initiative is named in honor of Diane Nash, an unsung heroine of the Civil Rights era whose brilliant tactical mind led to several of the movement’s major victories- including the march in Selma.

Ms. Nash’s courageous fight for equality inspired us in a time where diverse women in the overall tech community grapple with “similar but not the same” treatment from the larger start-up community.

Help us complete #ProjectDiane by helping us produce a documentary film on Intersectionality in tech. 

Why is #ProjectDiane So Important?

Current efforts to diversity tech completely overlook the role Intersectionality, occupying multiple identities, plays in your ability to successfully build tech companies. While focus on the early end of the pipeline is important (ie. coding programs for kids), it’s hard to “be” what you can’t “see”.

#ProjectDiane shows that the STEM pipeline leads to an sea, not a sewer, by highlighting founders building and growing their startups.

How to Funds Will Be Used

Your donation will be put to GOOD work. Funds will be used to pay for the production (filming, camera, editing, etc) of a professionally produced 15 minute documentary film highlighting the challenges of intersectionality in tech.

We’re hoping to exceed our $25,000 goal and be able to expand the scope of the documentary to include an interview with Ms. Nash, Free screenings at public schools, and more!

digitalundivided (DID) actively works to disrupt pattern-matching in tech by identifying, training and supporting high performing diverse founders of tech enabled companies. Since 2012, DID has trained over 1000 urban entrepreneurs from New York to Detroit to Atlanta to Portland.

Read More About digitalundivided Here

The Awesome DID Sparkle T-Shirt

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We’ve worked extremely hard to reduce any risk towards completing the project. We work with an amazing production team that have over 20 years of experience filming documentaries in locations around the world (including our video above).

We’ve worked with our production partners for the past two years, producing high quality videos of our conferences, like the video shown above.

Contact Information:


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