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Jun 9, 2015 7:11 AM ET

Archived: FOGO ADVENTURE GADGET: Walkie-Talkie+GPS+Flashlight+Charger: With a rugged walkie-talkie, flashlight, GPS, bluetooth, and USB backup battery, the Fogo is the Ultimate Adventure Gadget!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2015


FOGO ADVENTURE GADGET: Walkie-Talkie+GPS+Flashlight+Charger

Meet Fogo, the only gadget that includes GPS, bluetooth, voice and text messaging, a USB backup battery, and a powerful LED flashlight. Have peace of mind knowing you have a flashlight, GPS, and walkie-talkie with you wherever you go! Whether you’re biking or hiking, fishing or hunting, navigating or camping, the Fogo keeps you safe and lightens your load.

Engadget: “Ordinarily, the term ‘smart flashlight’ would make me cringe as much as the next person, but having seen the Fogo flashlight first-hand, I’m sold.” 

Techcrunch: “Fogo has a fun vision to take a standard consumer device, and pack it full of intelligence and capability.” 

Outside Magazine: “Don’t be fooled: The Fogo, with its 1,000-lumen LED bulb, looks like your average flashlight, but there’s so much more hiding under its sleek, waterproof exterior.” 

GearJunkie: “The Fogo is unlike anything we’ve seen. It stood out as an innovation and a great idea with potential to minimize the number of gadgets you need to bring along.” 

Gearcaster: “The ultimate outdoor gadget you never knew you wanted.”

Whether you’re at the campsite or on the hunt, the Fogo is there for you.

  • Light up the campsite if you need to set up your tent after dark 
  • Keep track of your friends and family with Fogo’s location sharing feature 
  • Send out a text message so everyone can be back in time for marshmallows 
  • Chat with friends or family who are away from camp with the Walkie-Talkie SmartCap 
  • Easily find the Fogo in a dark tent using the motion-sensor feature 
  • Charge up your USB devices in your tent, using Fogo as a backup battery

 Get off the beaten path and keep safe while exploring.

  • Using the GPS and built-in Pedometer, track your steps and route so you know how far and where you’ve gone
  • Navigate waypoints to find your trail or points of interest
  • Create waypoints on the fly for spontaneous geocaching.
  • Text message other Fogo users to coordinate meet up points.
  • Chat it up to stay in communication using the Walkie-Talkie SmartCap 
  • Use the Automatic light control to save battery life and protect your night vision (point to the ground for dim and far away for bright) 
  • Easily navigate terrain at night–Fogo will warn you if you are getting off course by blinking the light

Uphill, downhill, or cross country, the Fogo was made to ride.

  • Track your speed, distance, elevation, rate of ascent/decent and see your stats on the Fogo or download to Strava after your ride.
  • Track your heart rate or cadence to maximize your output using Fogo’s bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ride into the night with automatic brightness adjustment based on speed and ambient light 
  • Have peace of mind with the Fogo crash detection feature which alerts nearby Fogos of your plight

One of the most exciting features of the Fogo is the SmartCap interface. The SmartCap is an end cap on the Fogo that comes off with a simple twist and allows you to do many things, including:  

  • Charge the Fogo using standard USB chargers 
  • Charge other battery-powered devices 
  • Add hardware capability such as the Walkie-Talkie SmartCap 

More SmartCaps are in the works, including a satellite modem, laser range finder and avalanche beacon. These future SmartCaps will allow all Fogo users to add this capability! 

 Weight: 0.44lbs(198g) / 0.56lbs(255g) with batteries

Click here for more in-depth specifications

When you’re on an adventure, space and weight are precious. The Fogo was designed to be feature complete, so you can save room in your bag and stay safe on the trail.

Fogo Feature Summary:

Walkie-Talkie SmartCap Feature Summary:

Bonus Features:


Fogo includes the following accessories: 

  • Lanyard 
  • Belt Clip 
  • Bike Mount Adapter – Garmin Edge compatible
  • GoPro Mount Adapter – compatible with all GoPro mounting accessories

The Fogo also includes your choice of reflector (add $15 to your pledge to get both): 

  • Narrow Beam 
  • Wide Beam

 Rewards: Pledging for multiple Fogos

Up to 2 Fogos can be ordered at the Super Early Bird level.  Up to 4 Fogos can be ordered at the Early Bird level.  There is no limit at the regular level. Just multiply your pledge by the number you want!


Stretch Goal #1: $80K 1200 Lumen LED Upgrade  

If we hit $80K in funding, we will upgrade the LED from the Cree XM-L2 to the Cree XP-L. The higher efficiency XP-L outputs up to 1226 lumens compared to 1058 for the XM-L2. Plus the XP-L gives the Fogo a 10% improvement in battery life.  

Stretch Goal #2: $125K Free Lantern attachment  

If we hit $125K in funding, we will include a lantern attachment will all Fogo for no additional charge. The lantern attachment will be great for camping. It will spread the light out in the tent or at the campsite. If you are curious as to what a lantern attachment might look like, see these examples.  

Fogo has an upgradeable app based OS. You can load apps on the Fogo using the Fogo Hub.  The following apps will come pre-installed on the Fogo.

 Activity  The Activity app allows you to track your ride, run, or hike using the built-in GPS. You can also see real-time metrics like speed, distance, and travel time. When riding at night, the Fogo can automatically adjust light brightness based on speed. It can also switch automatically between road mode (flashing) and trail mode (solid).

Clock  The Clock app provides basic watch functionality including a stopwatch, timer, and alarm.

Compass  The Compass app gives you a magnetic heading using the tilt-compensated ecompass.

Flashlight  The Flashlight app gives you classic flashlight modes such as low, medium, high and strobe.

Maps  The Maps app allows you to view simple maps as well as navigate from waypoint-to-waypoint. An night, the flashlight can automatically blink to keep you on course. The light will also adjust automatically based on whether you are looking at the ground in front of you (low-beam) or at objects in the distance (high-beam).

Maps can be created using online hiking or biking sites (bikemap.net or Google Earth).  You can also convert Activity tracks to Maps.

Messages  The Messages app allows you to send voice and text messages to other Fogo users. You can also view the messages on a map which shows the sender’s location.



This has been an amazing journey for us, and we are excited to get the Fogo into your hands. The most important part of this project is delivering a great product to our backers!

We have worked hard on the Fogo and leveraged our personal experience as product designers to produce a sound design and solid user experience. As engineers, we have first hand experience with the many risks and challenges in bringing a hardware project to fruition. Our promise to you, our backers, is to tirelessly apply our obsessive attention to detail and hard earned experience in manufacturing to overcoming the hurdles.

We have approached this project conservatively and added padding to our delivery schedule to allow for the unknown unknowns. We promise to keep you up to date on our progress during and after the campaign. Rest assured that we are working hard to deliver a high quality product to you on time.

Contact Information:

Fogo Digital, Inc

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