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Archived: Christmas is getting a dark Makeover is coming and you can help… Meet Krampus – The Devil of Christmas

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Horror Director SpookyDan Walker brings the legendary Christmas monster Krampus to the big screen in his debut feature film Slay Belles.

Hollywood, Calif., Tony Award winner Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spin City, FDR American Badass) stars as Santa in this year’s first Krampus themed Christmas horror comedy, Slay Belles, Directed by SpookyDan Walker (Associate Producer of Coldwater, The Devil’s Carnival, The Captured Bird), and Executive Produced by Darren Lynn Bousman for Bad Juju Productions. Slay Belles wrapped principal photography last year and is currently in post production for a November 2015 release.

SLAY BELLES is a Christmas horror comedy that finally brings the legendary European folklore of Krampus, the monster that lords over all that’s naughty, stateside. It’s the long anticipated directorial debut of SpookyDan Walker, Producer of Coldwater, Devil’s Carnival 1 & 2 and Captured Bird. In Slay Belles, SpookyDan brings a wicked comedic twist to Christmas sparing no blood or laughs. What puts this movie on the nice list? SpookyDan explains, “Santa Claus used to have a partner by the name of Krampus; a big hairy beast with a long red tongue, giant horns and a nasty switch which he uses to beat naughty children with!  While over time the Krampus legend morphed into the modern day naughty or nice list, Krampus is still celebrated with a huge parade in Europe and Germany every year in December. Recently, the Krampus folklore has enjoyed resurgence into pop culture with images of his trademark devilish face making its way to holiday greetings and decor. We knew it was time to bring ‘The Devil of Christmas’ to the big screen!”

Championing Spooky Dan’s concept is Executive Producer Darren Lynn Bousman, Director of Saw II, III, IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Carnival 1 & 2, and the upcoming Abattoir. Bousman says, “SpookyDan has been a part of the horror culture for over a decade, and I was happy to help him get his first feature off the ground, he is doing something very unique here that will surprise even the most jaded of horror fans”. It was a no brainer that these two musical cult film enthusiasts cast Barry Bostwick as Father Christmas. The Tony Award winning star of the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bostwick brings his unique flare for deadpan comedy to this badass biker Santa Claus. Barry sings SpookyDan’s praises, “Fearless filmmaking… SpookyDan brings a freshness and sense of humor to the genre that will be talked about for years to come!”

In Slay Belles, The Adventure Girls (YouTube star Hannah Minx and Susan Slaughter of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters International) are urban explorers who love to dress up and film themselves in off-limits places. It’s Christmas Eve and as a special treat to their fans, they film themselves breaking into Santa Land, a long closed theme park on the verge of being demolished. This time they drag along their friend (Kristina Klebe of Rob Zombie’s Halloween) who loves Christmas but hates breaking rules. Their adventure is rudely interrupted by a big, bad and anatomically correct Krampus (Joel Hebner). He’s a vicious beast with long claws, sharp teeth, and a mean switch, who’s ready to add these naughty girls to his basket full of trouble. That is, until Santa Claus swoops in and saves them just in the St. Nick of time.

For the sake of kids the world over, with the help of some holiday magic and weird locals (Teen Wolf’s Stephen Lunsford and Night Court’s Richard Moll), The Adventure Girls must help the cookie loving lunatic claiming to be Santa to put Krampus back on ice before midnight, otherwise coal will be the least of everyone’s problems on Christmas Day.



Cast: Barry Bostwick, Kristina Klebe, Hannah Wagner, Susan Slaughter, Stephen Lunsford, Diane Salinger, Richard Moll, Diane Goldner, Joel Hebner

Directed by: SpookyDan Walker

Written by: Jessica Luhrssen and SpookyDan Walker

Producers: Esther Goodstein and Jessica Luhrssen

Executive Producers: Darren Lynn Bousman, Kenneth Kwan, Dominique Suehead and Tammy Sutton

Practical Special FX: VGP Productions, Vincent Guastini

Krampus Creature: sculpted by Mickey Rotella

Director of Photography: Graham Robbins

Production Design by: Matt Eskew

Wardrobe by: Julia Chase


For movie posters and stills visit the Slay Belles’ main page www.slaybellesmovie.com


WATCH VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/128185964


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