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This is the story of two FBI agents who make an operation against a group that they assume it is a terrorist organization. But as long as they proceed the investigation, they undrstand that this group is innocent and a victim of another international terrorist organization which aims to posses the whole world. Then USA and its allies begin strictly struggle with the organization.

This is the summary of my book THE LARGE PLOT:

New recruitment in the FBI, David joins an operation. In the wake of this operation, being claimed to be relevant to the acts of terrorism, Musa B. Hamza gets arrested. David works with the experienced agent John Cougar Musa is a USA citizen. Suspecting due to the evidence, David begins to question the events. Investigates this leader and his congregation. Congregation is blamed for masterminding terrorist activities against the USA. Some attack plans to the government buildings are captured during the no-knock raid. Whereas these are placed by an infiltrated informer involved in an illegal organisation. David begins to investigate the case with the Cougar. But the more they investigate, the more suspicious about the case they get. They come to a conclusion that the evidence are fake and placed to put the congregation to a tight spot. Finding this new information, their interest in the congregation grows stronger and they arrange a meeting with the congregation’s leader. They ask detailed and various questions to the leader in this interview. They deepen the investigation and proving that they are slandered, they ensure Moses and the Congregation’s acquittal after going through some calamities. But this isn’t the end. As the investigation goes on, the case gains an international dimension and it becomes evident that this case is threatening the whole world. The United States and its allies begin to fight against this organisation in cooperation. The organization defends itself vigorously, and events become even more intricate.

If my campaign does not reach my goal, depending on the amount I raise, I may have my work translated and/or published. But the marketing stays weak. I have already published a Book in Turkey using self publishing and I have spent about 1800 usd with a weak marketing. So Its a need to spend much more money to get the attention of possible audience.

Contact Information:

Mehmet Ali Yazan: yazan2570@yahoo.com

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