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Jun 8, 2015 3:32 PM ET

Select Your Team: an online daily fantasy sports betting exchange

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2015

Select Your Team

Select Your Team


The Concept

Select Your Team is an online daily fantasy football betting exchange. We allow customers to create teams from a single day’s Premier League fixtures and bet against their peers for the chance to win money from one another. We have created a product that turns traditional fantasy football into a more immediate social gambling experience. 

Typical fantasy football competitions require a full 11-a-side team to be selected for an entire season. These competitions often see a dramatic drop-off in interest by customers after several rounds of fixtures when their chance of winning has dwindled.  We look to provide a solution to this problem by offering a shorter version of the game where customers can select a team for a limited time period (such as from a single day’s fixtures) giving them more chance to win money every week or indeed on a daily basis.  

We also offer a shorter format of the game where users can pick a 5-a-side team in addition to the typical 11-a-side which to the best of our knowledge differentiates us from our competitors. We see this as a unique selling point as it provides for the customers who want to play fantasy football but find the process of picking an entire side too time consuming.  Our product caters for the busy and casual fans in addition to the serious fantasy sports players.

We hold a remote pool betting and betting intermediary licence from the UK Gambling Commission, which allows us to create large pool betting games and for customers to create their own betting games.

Our plan is add further sports to the portfolio so that we can cater for the customers wishing to play other fantasy sports for money.


How It Works

The aim of the game is to pick a fantasy football team to score more points than the competition. Players score points based on real match events, such as shots on target, tackles, goals, assists and clean sheets.

A customer picks players from the fixtures available within the game length. Only players from teams scheduled to play in that period will be available for selection. The total value of the team must not exceed the transfer budget.

Customers wishing to partake in a prize game pay an entry fee to compete against one another. The entry fee minus Select Your Team’s commission is added to the prize total.

We receive data from Opta Sports, which provides the statistics to power our player scoring. This allows a customer to watch their players score points and their standings change in real time adding to the interactive experience.

At the conclusion of the game any winnings are credited to the customers account similar to an online bookmaker.


How We Make Money

We have two pricing models, one for pool betting games and one for guaranteed prizes.

We receive a straight 10% commission on any pool betting games. This is where the entry fee minus our commission is added to the prize total. By way of example, if 8 friends played a £5 entry fee game the winner of their contest would receive £36 and we would receive £4.

When we create guaranteed prize games, the prize pot will not be influenced by entry fee or number of entries. This means that if we created a £1000 game with a £5 entry we would break-even at 200 entries. However, we would receive all fees beyond 200 as way of commission. 


Who Are Our Customers

We believe the majority of our customers will be aged 18-45 and live in the UK. They will be online gamers, football fans, fantasy football players and frequent users of social media. They will also likely be users of other online gambling websites. As we diversify into other sports we aim to capture more general sports fans.



Contact Information:

Andy Bower
Kelvin Thomas
David Bower
Jim Rosenthal

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