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Jun 8, 2015 7:51 AM ET

Archived: OpenEars – First Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones to record your video with 3D audio to share & stream, GoPro connection, great sound, HearThrough mode

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2015



About the Product OpenEars 

***Please note: EU/US/CAN shipping costs 25€, rest of the world 35€ for all rewards (Those getting invoiced 90€ will automatically receive a credit note by the end of the campaign)***

OpenEars are Bluetooth in-ear headphones which allow you to record your true audio impressions together with your video or photo and share them in an exciting and awe-inspiring acoustic quality. No matter where you are! With OpenEars you can record and play your soundtracks binaurally and immerse in an exceptional auditory experience. The unique “HearThrough” function allows you to remain part of your surroundings and perceive your environment in a natural way. In combination with a compact design, low weight, an amazing wearing comfort and “HearThrough”, OpenEars perfectly matches your “real” ears so that you don’t even feel them and nearly forget that you are wearing them. 

Imagine you are standing in the middle of Times Square and close your eyes. What do you hear? Or imagine you are standing on the most beautiful beach you can think of, behind a beach bar. Close your eyes. What do you hear? Imagine being far away from your friends and family. You still want to share your experiences with them – as if they were right there with you! 

Every day we are surrounded by uncountable sounds. Those could be traffic noises, street musicians in the city, conversations, the crying of a baby… On vacation we get away from it all, listen to the sound of the ocean waves, clinking glasses at the bar, the laughter of the tourists next to us… 

If we could share these moments, these diverse sounds that are part of our daily life not only in a simple recording but in 3D, so that other people can hear exactly what we hear in an extraordinary quality, wouldn’t our friends be more part of our experiences and life? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could not only send pictures or videos of our favorite moments but also the whole sound pattern of these images? We would create multi-sensory memories in 3D and instead of inviting friends and family to a passive slideshow, we would take them back to exactly the place and time where we made our memories. It is bit like using a time machine, it is audio portation. 

 With OpenEars you can record the sound that you want to share binaurally or you can share it in realtime via Streaming. Using small and comfortable headphones the other person will hear exactly what usually only your own ears perceive – as if your friends or family would be right there with you. 

Binaural recording and streaming 

Special microphones to capture audio: The sophisticated design and the high class MEMS condenser microphones guarantee a perfect true-to-life sound recording of all your adventures. Share your audio recording with others or stream live with the OpenEars app. 


Offers simultaneous listening to music and the outside world. You perceive your environment in a natural way and decide how much of your surroundings you would like to hear through your OpenEars. 

GoPro Connectivity 

Connect OpenEars with your GoPro – wirelessly! For extreme athletes there are extra microphones (2.4 GHz RF) available that can be placed securely on the helmet. Those OpenMics are described further below. For GoPro activity you will need the reward including the OpenMics.

Music playback via bluetooth 

Outstanding sound quality of your favorite music. New Digital Sound Signal Processing offers an enhanced audio experience. The perfect fit of the ergonomically shaped ear gels and ear wings insures the stability of the sound quality.


You can talk to your friends and let them hear the sounds around you with your OpenEars. 

Wearing Comfort 

You can choose between many different ear wings and ear gels. There is only one cable between the left and right earbud and your smartphone is connected without cable via Bluetooth. 

Why your OpenEars will fit perfectly:

  • Four different sized eargels & earwings 
  • Fitclip for optimum cable length adaptation 
  • Lightweight: Barely noticeable 
  • Ergonomic Design

Evolving Product 

OpenEars is smart – your product is intelligent and learns through app and firmware updates as well as with the help of feedback from the community. 

Connect your App 

The OpenEars app allows you to record the sound matching to your video and share it with your friends or stream it live. 


Do you like to make your own projects happen? Do you want to write your own apps. With the application programming interface API and the developer kit, you can create your own app for OpenEars. 

With the OpenEars headphones, you can record and listen to binaural sounds where they happen – in your own ears – without having to build an artificial plastic head, which is used for professional recordings and can be quite expensive. Implementing the three vital factors for 3D sound into a single device everyone loves and uses on the go will set the next level of audio experiences as you know them.


  • Lightweight, less than one hour charging 
  • iOS/Android Phone App 
  • water repellent, dust- and sweat-proof


  • In-Ear Style Bandwith: 25 Hz – 22 kHz 
  • Impedance: 15 Ohm 
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0,1%


  • MEMS microphones 
  • Frequency range: 18 Hz – 23 kHz


  • Full compatibility with Apple devices 
  • Full compatibility with Android devices 
  • True wireless Audio


  • Play and Record time 6 hours
  • Charging time less than 1 hour
  • Fast charging 1.5 hour play time in 15 min.
  • Sharing of OpenEars recordings via dropbox, soundcloud, email…
  • Recording and Editing of OpenEars binaural audio together with photo or video
  • Live Streaming of binaural audio to others
  • High Quality Voice prompt setting in more than 10 languages
  • Updates of new firmware via Bluetooth with OTA (over-the-air function) 
  • HearThrough Level Settings
  • Level Settings
  • Equalizer Settings
  • FAQs, Hints

GoPro users are used to record once-in-a-lifetime moments with their portable camera and to capture their emotions forever. However the impressive pictures are still lacking one thing: the sound!

OpenEars enable to capture that incredible sound with your GoPro. But what if you are wearing a helmet or have to locate your microphones somewhere else rather than next to your ears?

OpenMics are the perfect solution in this case as they can be attached to any helmet, stick or even drones very easily. Extrem athletes and adventurers are now able to share their experiences visually and auditively in an unprecedented way with their fans. Whether it is the sound of the waves while whitewater-rafting, the lofty heights while hiking or the sound of the engine while motorbiking, it will change the way people listen to the world.


  • Battery 4h
  • HQ Mems Condenser Microphones 18 Hz – 23 kHz 
  • OpenMics 2.4 GHz RF for GoPro 
  • Ultra low latency 
  • Lossless coding


  • OpenMics >> 2.4 GHz RF >> GoPro
  • 2.4 GHz RF protocol for GoPro

Size & Weight 

  • Ø 25 mm x H 8 mm 
  • 18 g
  • Dongle 60 mm x 40mm x 4.85mm


  • Mems condensor microphones 
  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz 
  • 89 dB


  • Lightweight
  • Less than one hour charging 
  • Water repellent
  • Dust and sweat-proof


  • Charging time less than 1 hour

We at binauric follow the same goal: to connect technology and design and thus change the way people listen to the world.

We started with a small core of people, from various countries and various backgrounds. We have now grown into a team that consists of 20 people from ten different countries, all of whom are talented creatives ranging, from an eccentric firmware engineer from England to over introverted and pragmatic software developers from Romania to philosophical acoustic specialists from Korea. And even though we don’t work in the same office, not even in the same country, we are joined by a common feeling of friendship and inspiration. 
The motivation and passion for audio is especially close to the heart of founder Detlef Wiese. Hearing is an elementary component of human nature and from an evolutionary point of view the most important sense. Regardless, compared to others, the audio sector has been neglected for many years. This has bothered Detlef Wiese for a long time and now he and his team plan to change this. 

We are a bit different and work a bit different because we believe that things should not be made more complicated than they already are. Our love is for simple and intuitive audio products, for OpenEar. 

The binauric team has to minimize the current Boom Boom electronics, add even more features as planned for the OpenEars and OpenMics and then get them all integrated into an extremely small chassis. This task requires an extremely careful consideration when choosing electronic and mechanical components as well as puts a high challenge to the signal processing programmers due to limited MIPS available in the DSP.
All so far carried out tests and experiments as well as the current level of design in electronics and mechanics look very promising, there are risks in terms of availability of certain components, the feasibility of thin and small, but rugged proof mechanics and regarding the interaction of all different disciplines, such as electronics, mechanics and software. The target to ship the product to early bird backers in November 2015 is reasonable and has taken into account a certain amount of risk management. All test procedures for each part of the product has been defined and undergoes a continues quality audit.

Contact Information:

Binauric SE

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