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Jun 8, 2015 8:31 AM ET

Bodshaperz – We deliver your daily supply of whey protein powder month after month

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2015



We deliver your daily supply of whey protein powder month after month



Calling all fitness enthusiasts: Your days of stockpiling 5lb pound tubs of protein are at an end thanks to Bodshaperz, the monthly subscription service that delivers your protein supplements (with free monthly gifts) directly to your door. 

Your lifestyle is “on the go” — and that makes that bulky protein tub just about the most inconvenient part of your workout. Bodshaperz is kicking the hassle of buying that bulky protein tub where it hurts by sending your monthly whey protein supply in individual easy-to-use packets. Your protein just got portable!  Oh and did we forget to mention that you get free monthly gifts and a free personalized monthly workout plan.


Speaking of inconvenience, in order to get your tub of protein powder you have to stop by the Nutrition Store and sift through hundreds of often unnecessary supplements just to get to your protein, not even metioning all the upsells by the store representitive. Then, once you’ve reached the counter you have to pay for your club member fee.  Next thing you know you are at home with 7 different bottles (of unecessary supplements), having spent $150 because according to the guy at the store all of this will make you the next Fitness Magazine cover model. Why can’t you just pay for what you want and need — the powder?

You can do just that and add a whole new amount of ease and excitement to your fitness regimen with Bodshaperz.


At Bodshaperz, we know that while convenience matters, so does the price and quality of protein. While we make our protein powder portable, we do so without sacrificing quality and maintain an affordable price. This guarantees that you will not always be striving to achieve your fitness goals, but actually be achieving them. 

Bodshaperz tackles these nutrition and fitness obstacles by sending you individual packets of delicious chocolate whey protein powder each month so that you can finally achieve your fitness goals — and better yet, sustain them!

Our protein powder will give you the strength to succeed and be confident in your beautiful bod. Our protein has only 5 ingredients and a high quality whey, with the focus being on the protein.  With each bodshaperz protein packet you will get 24 grams whey protein, 3.5 grams carbs, and only 2 grams fat. But at Bodshaperz, we also look out for your overall health. That is why we provide priceless personal nutrition suggestions at no extra charge.

If you happen to be a friend of Bodshaperz, we know that you work hard to stay healthy and strong and we think that calls for a reward. So, every month on top of your protein supply, we provide free products and a free workout plan that align with your fitness goals — the free items range from cooling towels, water bottles, protein-infused peanut butter, and so much more. Get pumped!


So are you ready to get more gym time and save time and money on getting the most essential part of your workout — your protein powder? If that’s a ‘yes,’ then here’s how to join Bodshaperz and be forever fit.

Your account will help you keep track of your subscriptions and invoices.

Our whey protein powder is a delicious chocolate flavor that comes in individual 24g packets. The only choice you need to make is how many packets you will use up in a month. You can pick from the following two subscription options:

  • Everyday Plan— get 20 individual packets a month for $30, plus freebies!
  • Muscle Building Plan— get 40 individual packets a month for $45, plus freebies! We recommend this plan for muscle mass builders and athletes.

Your shipment will be there in no time.

Stay healthy and happy knowing that your protein supply will always be there.


After a successful beta launch, we had a full launch on March 9. In less than a month and with a few hundred dollar marketing budget, we are at about 200 customers and still counting.

Trust us, our founding customers know what they are doing. Our protein powder has been tested and we have received great feedback from our clients on its taste and quality.

At Bodyshaperz, we know that good taste and quality need to be visualized. Our Instagram account already has 2,100 unsolicited followers. Given the power of fitness in social media, we could not be happier about our Instagram popularity.

We are also in the process of building partnerships with other fitness accessory and nutrition companies and maintaining our current partnerships with personal trainers. In fact, we have the contacts of over 2,000 personal trainers so that they can help us get the word out about Bodshaperz.

We are taking all the rights steps, because we are in this for the long haul. Join us on this journey.


Soham Sutaria — CEO/Founder

Soham has developed a love for fitness and nutrition over the last ten years. After achieving fitness goals of his own, he is now ready to help others by making protein powders more accessible to all. Soham is doing just that by handling Bodshaperz’s business strategy, customer acquisition, growth, marketing, while overseeing the entire business. His business knowledge is founded upon his experiences and education.  Soham got his MBA from NYU Stern and has since worked as a startup consultant.  Before his MBA he worked for Deloitte Consulting.

Josh Fester — CTO/Founder 

Josh is a full-stack engineer with over nine years of experience developing web applications and leading technology teams. He has co-founded and worked with many startups, including HackerRank and Miigle. His passion is creating scalable, high-traffic web apps and infrastructures using agile development and continuous integration. Josh is now devoted to using his talent towards all things tech at Bodshaperz.

Contact Information:

Soham Sutaria
Josh Fester

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