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Jun 7, 2015 4:21 PM ET

THE NEW ORLEANS SAZERAC: appreciate the artistry of a well-made cocktail

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 7, 2015



Not only do I love making films, but I also deeply appreciate the artistry of a well-made cocktail. Through my blog, I’ve experimented with my own cocktail recipes, interviewed some of the best bartenders out there, and researched the origins of the most beloved beverages. Through this process I inevitably came across the Sazerac, whose own evolution and story is full of folklore and magic. It also originates from one of my favorite cities – New Orleans. There are so many questions surrounding the Sazerac – Was it America’s first cocktail? Why has it changed so much over time? How do contemporary interpretations measure up? So when it was time for me to embark on my first film to direct, exploring the lifeline of the Sazerac felt like the natural choice. It’s a story I plan to explore through custom illustrations, music, and even the hint of a narrative storyline. I’m excited to swing open this new door as a first-time director, and it couldn’t be for a more fascinating subject.


Was the Sazerac the first cocktail ever made? Explore the evolution of the famous New Orleans beverage from the early 1800’s through modern day with historical experts, contemporary bartenders, and even the father of the cocktail himself: Antoine Peychaud. With a heavy–hand of folklore and illustration, the Sazerac will become even more mystical as the story unfolds.


Once The New Orleans Sazerac is made, we will submit to a broad range of film festivals both nationally and internationally. Once we are done with the festival circuit we will make it available through online streaming via a website such as Seed Spark.

Contact Information:

James Martin
Jen West

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