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Jun 7, 2015 11:28 AM ET

Archived: Mixfader – the world’s #1 connected object for becoming a DJ: Connect Mixfader to your smartphone or tablet and perfect your mixing and scratching techniques, whatever your level

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 7, 2015



From now on, you can mix several tracks from vinyl turntables as well as virtual ones. Mixfader can connect to your smartphone or tablet: all you have to do is to load tracks and mix them together with Mixfader by realizing back and forth movements. Choose the side you want, customize the played track and realize seamless transitions!


To satisfy your demands in terms of performance, our team worked in partnership with the best professional DJs and turntablists, such as 9 O’Clock – twice world champions at the DMC World DJ Championship – right from the design stage of the creation of Mixfader. In order that Mixfader be ultra-reactive and easy to manage, our engineers worked hard to achieve a latency of 5 ms. This means that you can mix and scratch with a wirelessly connected device with a latency imperceptible to the human ear. This “ultra-low latency” technology developed by our engineers has just been patented. It is a world first: DJIT has developed the product that records the lowest latency level on Bluetooth®. 

Mixfader connects wirelessly and automatically to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®. Thanks to an application available for iOS and Android, Mixfader allows you to mix your music. All you have to do with Mixfader is move back and forth to pass from one piece of music to another, cut or even create new rhythmic sounds. With Mixfader, there is no limit to your creativity!

Mixfader live performance first test.

Connect your turntable to your tablet.

You are not a DJ, but some of yours friends or close family are. Mixfader could be the perfect gift for them!

  • Finishing: silver aluminium
  • Size: 3,6×1,3×1,4 inches; 9,2×3,2×3,6 cm
  • Weight: 85g; 2,99 oz; 0,19 lbs
  • Wireless: Bluetooth® 4.0
  • External buttons and connectors: power button, mini USB
  • Power and battery: integrated battery, energy-saving, DJ set up to 10 hours, fast charge in about 25 min
  • In the box: Mixfader, USB cable, QuickStart guide
  • The dedicated application: works with all iOS and Android smartphones & tablets, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store

Mixfader works with a related application, available soon on iOS and Android smartphones & tablets. This application computerizes vinyl turntables and brings together all the essential functionalities for mixing your music. Mixfader and its related application go hand in hand and let you mix & scratch. 

Main features:

  • the most complete music library with an access to +50 million tracks (your mp3, SoundCloud, Deezer,…)
  • special DJ effects (hot cues, filters,…)
  • a 3-band frequency equalizer

 At DJIT, we think that everyone can become a DJ. Our mission is to break down the entry barriers and help you to improve your practical skills, whatever your level: beginner, intermediary or professional. That’s why we continuously develop new DJ solutions designed to be both affordable and easy to use, whilst still being unbelievably high-performance.

We have specialized in music application development for three years. In 2012, we began to shake up the mixing industry standards by launching edjing, the first DJ application intended for the wider public. Available for free, easy-to-use, all whilst bringing together all the functionalities essential for quality mixing and sound rendition, today edjng is the world’s #1 DJ application. Then in 2015, we launched edjing Pro, a totally new DJ application for professionals and for established edjing users who want to take it to a new level.
Today, we are launching Mixfader on Kickstarter. Mixfader is the first connected object in the world for becoming a DJ. We decided to launch ourselves in this new hardware domain in order to recreate certain functions that require an ultra-precise touch, which is impossible to reproduce on a mobile application. This hardware and software alliance allows to create an ultra powerful and affordable DJ setup.

It is a product 100% designed and manufactured in France, because we attach great importance to the high quality of the Mixfader product.

Mixfader is the result of more than a year of work. The whole design stage was undertaken internally. Our teams of engineers and designers surrounded themselves with music mixing professionals and technical experts to develop the most innovative product seen for years in the DJing industry. 9 O’Clock – twice world champions at the DMC World Championship – have been involved since the very beginning of the project, bringing their expertise and standards to the Mixfader design. This collaboration makes sense, 9 O’Clock is a worthy representative of the new French Touch generation.

We presented Mixfader at the SXSW Festival (Austin, Texas) in March 2015, by means of a first prototype on the French Tech stand and a demonstration video. The announcement created buzz with more than 1.8 million video views in less than a week, media interest in more than 30 countries and thousands of positive feedback reports. This led to different consequences within the company. First of all, we took on board the product improvement ideas; one example? Today, the new version of Mixfader has an aluminum case – no longer plastic – which makes it more resistant. But, above all, we decided to fast-track Mixfader onto the market by the end of 2015 and increase production to meet the demand generated by this announcement.

This campaign will allow us, in parallel, to gather ideas from the Kickstarter community and to make adjustments to Mixfader, if necessary, to better satisfy your needs.

The help of Kickstarter community will allow us to take up this new challenge. Our start-up is taking the next step by designing hardware, in addition to software. 




We’ve been working extremely hard to ensure the high quality and timely delivery of Mixfader.

However, there is always a risk when producing an innovative product that combines both electronic hardware and software.

The hardware used by the current version of Mixfader is a proven, tested hardware. The main challenges might be reduced to logistics. Unplanned delays in the manufacturing process can still occur, but problems related to the hardware design of the device are very unlikely.

On the software side, we can rely on our expertise in the development of music applications. We will be updating the Mixfader dedicated application regularly based on your feedbacks. We’ll keep to work hard to ensure the best possible user experience.

We are committed to keep our campaign transparent and we will openly communicate with our supporters on the progress we make and the issues that might arise.

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