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Jun 6, 2015 8:28 AM ET

Solution Sensors, Inc. – Improving Security through Better Gunpowder Detection

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 6, 2015




Solution Sensors, Inc.

Improving Security through Better Gunpowder Detection


We are Solution Sensors, Inc. (SSI), dedicated to improving safety and security through better detection of weapon threats.

Detecting the presence of ammunition in firearms and bombs is a complex, yet the need for early detection of concealed firearms is becoming increasingly important in our world today. Traditional technology is expensive and, therefore, only used by places where security is vital (airports, government agencies, etc.) But what about schools, movie theaters, public events and other places where the need for this kind of security has been rising in recent years?

Our patented hand-held technology accurately detects the gunpowder that is found in the ammunition for modern handguns, shotguns and rifles. This one-of-a-kind security solution can easily and affordably protect any environment, large or small, where loaded handguns and other explosives are not allowed.


In bolstering America’s security efforts, airports and other areas where weapon threats have occurred heavily in the past have realized the huge for detecting smokeless gunpowder. Smokeless gunpowder is the main ingredient found in loaded guns and ammunition.

Conventional methods for detecting the presence of ammunition in firearms are limited to metal detectors and screening systems commonly used in airports and secured buildings. These large pieces of equipment require individual, up-close-and-personal scanning methods that many people find intrusive and uncomfortable. They also are extremely expensive, putting them far out of reach for many smaller businesses and public areas.

(Credit: © Christian Charisius / Reuters)

Moreover, these traditional methods are only effective if a threat is screened. Because only a few, high-security places have these large scanning systems, those who carry loaded guns with intent to do harm know when they will be getting scanned and when they won’t be. This leaves public places like schools, libraries, movie theaters and others at risk.


At SSI, we have developed a much more affordable, easy-to-use gunpowder sensor. At just 10 inches long and 4-5 inches wide, our battery-powered sensor is able to detect smokeless gunpowder through barriers and from long distances.

The sensor is able to detect gunpowder by sensing the unique electric field that naturally occurs in target materials such as smokeless gunpowder. These electric fields occur at very low frequencies and pass through clothing and other barriers used to conceal weapons. This crucial aspect of our sensor is what enables us to identify loaded firearms and gunpowder bombs among a crowd of people, behind walls and doors or inside a car during a traffic stop.

Unlike the bulky, traditional full-body scanners and metal detectors that places like airports use, our sleek and portable design can be used in any environment. Our sensor is designed to be passive, and uses no harmful radiation or intrusive body scanning. What this means is that police and other security agents can catch the bad guy completely off guard. This is a vital advantage of our design. With our technology, places like schools and movie theaters, which don’t have the room or money for large scanning devices, can use our sensor to discretely check visitors and students coming in and out of the building for concealed firearms.

From a user’s perspective, here’s how it works:

Detect: The user points the sensor in a general area of potential targets. The sensor will give a “yes” or “no” read out, indicating that, yes, this area contains gunpowder or, no, it does not. It will then indicate the direction of the origin of the gunpowder.

Act: Once an area has been identified as being positive for gun powder, the user can narrow down the exact target using the direction feature. The user or users can then approach the target with confidence that the target is concealing some amount of gunpowder.

Prevent: If users are able to detect weapon threats early enough, there is a better chance of minimizing the threat, whether that means automatically locking doors to prevent a gunman from entering a building, sending security personnel to intercept someone concealing a firearm, or alerting police officers to concealed firearms during traffic stops or in the next room.    

With our technology, no longer is security from loaded guns a luxury that only large places can afford. We hope that our sensor will create a world in which your family, friends and community are more safe and secure.


For years we have been working on an answer for easy detection of loaded guns. Over these years we have made some great strides that has given us the confidence we need to move forward.

To our knowledge, there is no other company making the portable, easy-to-use and effective from a distance gunpowder sensors that we are. In addition, we have been awarded several U.S. patents with additional patents pending on our technology. With virtually no competition and the protection on our intellectual property, we are able to set the precedent for this kind of technology and market. Our product as the sole solution to a problem that has only gotten more serious in recent years.

Example of Smokeless Gunpowder

We have created a proof of concept for our gunpowder sensor.  The device can detect the presence of 14 ounces (400 grams) of “Ball Powder 748” propellant (smokeless gunpowder) hidden in a car trunk from a distance of 50 feet. As another example, our device can detect the presence of a pistol, loaded with about 2 ounces (61 grams) worth of gunpowder, hidden in a car trunk from a distance of 9 feet. This is a huge advantage for any police officer or security agent. It gives them the most vital piece of information they need when conducting simple traffic stops, or when responding to house calls, and allows them to act accordingly.

Following demonstrations and discussions of our product, several potential customers and distributors showed enthusiasm and expressed strong interest in buying our sensors when the final product is complete. Our technology is essentially the “Holy Grail” of explosive sensors research, and many companies are looking forward to it. Many can detect gunpowder when close to, or in contact with gunpowder and with bulky equipment, but none can detect from a distance, passively, with an easy to use sensor.

We are now in the final processes of research and development to make sure that our technology is the most advanced in the world. By next year, we hope to bring our sensors to market. To learn more about our development plans and funding goals, please request access to the Business Plan side of this profile.


Before SSI, Howard held a variety of senior posts in the U.S. Navy. These positions led him to obtaining senior executive positions in the Departments of State and Defense during the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations. Howard retired from the Navy in 1995 and founded H. B. Sidman & Associates, a firm providing strategic planning and market analysis for developing companies. Now, as president of SSI, Howard oversees all matters of the company relating to R&D, product development, government relations, and marketing & sales.

Dr. Wong has more than 40 years of U.S. and international business experience in the operational functions of research & development, sales & marketing, finance, and general business. He also has extensive experience in sensor development, video compression and consumer electronics. As Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Wong is responsible for strategic planning and business development, including licensing and managing relationships with development partners.

Raymond has had diverse experience in capital markets, leverage finance and strategic advisory. Most recently, he co-founded and served as the CEO of an advisory firm providing strategic advisory for clients in the US and in China. Raymond was also a founding member of the technology finance group at a large U.S.-based institution which provides debt financing for private equity sponsored acquisitions and re-capitalizations of large companies. As the CFO, he is responsible for financial control, capital formation and investor relations.

Dr. Hutson’s background involves the analysis of complex signal environments, including sonar (active/passive), electronic (active/passive), microwave (active/passive), ultrasound and electromagnetic field effects that have led to advances that include the detection, identification, analysis and tracking of new, unrecognized features at very low signal-to-noise ratios. His expertise and scientific history is key for our business. He is responsible for the timely patent protection, understanding and testing of our products.

For more than three decades, Robert has been involved in the management of technology, strategic planning, operations and engineering in the manufacturing industry. His experience in these sectors includes Bethlehem Steel, Industrial Modernization Center of PA and Securetec, Inc. As our Technology Officer, he heads engineering and product development.


Board of Advisors

Howard Sidman: Chairman and Inside Director

Ted Wong: Director and Inside Director

Contact Information:

Howard Sidman
Ted Wong PhD
Raymond Tam
William Hutson, PhD
Robert Van Dine

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