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Jun 5, 2015 5:14 PM ET

SUPERZERO: a superhero duo

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2015


I’m telling the story of Derek Dolor and Leon deLeon because it’s the greatest story ever told about a schlubby IT Manager who tries to kill himself only to discover that he can’t, and now has to be a superhero instead. I know it’s a story as old as time, and you might think “God, not another IT Manager tries to kill himself turns into a superhero story,” but I promise that you have never seen anything quite like this before. Our superhero wears a picnic blanket for a cape. And a mask made out of duct tape. And that’s just a couple of the many new twists we’re bringing to this old tale. 

Something you should know about me is that I have a deep seeded love of bad movies. You know the kind I’m talking about. Over the top, absurd premise, terrible dialogue, groan-worthy one-liners, yet still somehow oddly and wonderfully engaging. In particular, I love action movies that don’t take themselves too seriously, or seriously at all. Con-AirPoint Break. Roadhouse. Pretty much anything with Patrick Swayze or Nick Cage. Now,SuperZero is not going to qualify as a “bad movie/series.” It’s dialogue is intentionally funny, as opposed to unintentionally so. It’s incredibly self-aware, in fact, often parodyzing bad action films. It’s also not an out and out action genre series. It has a good amount of action, but that’s the bread around the mundane meat of a guy who would really like to do without the whole “great power equals great responsibility” bit. Who wants responsibility? 

Yet the series is intrinsically bound by my cinematic loves. Imagine if Michael Bay were to direct an episode of The Office! That’s the kind of thing we’re trying to do with SuperZero. It’s big and bold, the world around Derek completely over the top, while Derek, himself, looks on incredulously. Sure, he’s the one with invincibility, but everyone else has just gone completely crazy

Everything about this project is big. From the sets, to the jokes, to the music, to the main character. We’re talking Alaska big, here. (Sorry, puny Texas.) I really hope and believe that this is the kind of story that will keep you coming back for more. It’s like a bag of salty potato chips – irresistible, and there’s probably something in them somewhere that’s good for you. Starch is important, right?

In all sincerity, I can’t think of anything quite like this project. I’m even a little shocked, myself, by the fertile soil this premise has created. We just keep coming up with funny idea after funny idea – twists and characters and plots. I’ve never been more excited about a story I managed to invent myself. I hope it’s as much fun to watch as it has been to create.


Derek Dolor was a 35 year old IT Manager at Blake Powers Acquisitions and living the good life. He was dating way out of his league, working the same job for 12 years – mad security, yo – and just pwned BIGDICK2002 on Call of Duty the other day. But when his girlfriend, SAM, breaks the news that she’d been sleeping with his British boss, the 80s trust fund villain BLAKE POWERS, Derek throws himself from the roof of the building.

And lands without a scratch. Also quite alive. And in a ton of pain. Seriously, like all of the pain. Otherwise completely unharmed.

Video hits the news and Derek becomes Generic City’s most famous resident. They dub him SuperZero. Out of the kindness of their hearts, no doubt.

His best friend and roommate, LEON DeLEON, isn’t about to let the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of a superhero duo pass him by. However, it’s not until Sam is taken hostage by Blake Powers that Leon finally gets Derek to don the (duct tape) mask and (picnic blanket) cape.

Unfortunately, heroes beget villains. European villains with bad accents. And they all come out of the woodwork to capture Derek and use him for their diabolical ambitions.

On the plus side, heroes also get the ladies. Derek saves one in particular, the stunningly beautiful PENNY, who helps Derek finally reconcile some of his inner fragility with his outer invincibility.

When the baddest bad guy comes to town – a geriatric German named DAGGAR LöWE – Derek and Leon get a surprise visit from Blake Powers, whom they thought they’d killed. Blake tells Derek that Daggar is coming for everyone Derek loves, including and especially Derek’s disapproving mother, GLADYS.

Together, the four of them, Derek, Leon, Penny, and Blake, hatch a plan to attack Daggar in his office at Nakatomi Plaza. They’re gonna blow him to the moon with three bricks of C4 strapped to Derek’s chest. Cue fucking awesome music!

Of course, Derek and Leon are new to this whole superhero game and no match for lifelong villains. 

The lesson, as always: What doesn’t kill you…still hurts like a mother–. 


SuperZero in its current form is intended to be a webseries which means we will be streaming each episode online for free. Every episode will be posted on our facebook page,, as well as on Vimeo. We also hope to stream the series right here on Seed&Spark, and are in talks with Funny or Die about possibly showing the series there.

Ultimately, this is just a part of a larger package which we hope to pitch to companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu as well as the networks and cable networks for a full fledged sitcom series. 

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