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Jun 5, 2015 4:44 PM ET

Archived: Art Lives, College Education: Paints, Pens, rolls of film, anything needed to make visual dreams come to life

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2015

Art Lives, College Education


1. My name is Brandon Dover, and I am an artist. I absolutely love everything that has to do with creativity an creation. I hope to pursue a career in the creative field and eventually own my own professional design firm that will bring peoples creative dreams into fruition. Whether it a painting, an illustration, a photograph, or a graphic design, I am all over it! Everything that has to do with visual interpretation and creating something that someone can be inspired, in awe, or comforted by. That’s what I like to create. I’m currently residing in Southern California and am constantly inspired myself by the diverse people and landscapes that I have the benefit of living near. All of these elements and more drive me to create, will you help fuel that drive as well?!

2. My campaigns aim is to ultimately assist me in paying off my loans that I have built up while attending the awesome California State University San Bernardino. In addition to paying off my loans, these monetary funds will allow me to further my creative endeavors and allow me to push even further into the ever growing realms of the art world! How exciting is that!

3. If you help make my campaign dreams become a reality I will be able to make make make! And that is a wonderful thing to do! I will make bigger paintings, more detailed drawings, and more composed graphics. I will be another step further to that professional design firm I spoke about earlier! Paints, Pens, rolls of film, anything needed to make visual dreams come to life, that’s what I will be able to obtain. Not to mention, my bachelors degree debt free! Oh yes, winning!

4. I’m looking to obtain $15,000 in this campaign, with this I will be able to totally pay off my tuition loans for school, and allow me to purchase much needed materials for creating art! 

5. If you help me raise money your rewards will be . . . drum roll please . . . art!!! ( what a surprise!) Depending on the amount of money you pledge to me you’ll be able to get everything from art prints ( of your choice ) signed by yours truly, to large scale original art pieces made just for you!! So lets make this happen! I want to make something amazing for you!

6. I appreciate any kind of support so if you could share my campaign via social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc.), word of mouth, carrier pigeon, you get the picture, I’d very much appreciate that! And if you do assist me with your own hard earned money, I promise to work hard creating, inspiring, and spreading the beauty and importance of art in our world! I can’t wait to make you something amazing.


Brandon A. Dover



Contact Information:

Brandon Dover

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