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Jun 5, 2015 7:52 AM ET

Archived: Advanced Ballistic Concepts: the chance for personal and home defense

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2015

Advanced Ballistic Concepts LLC

Greeley, CO 80631, US
Industrial & Manufacturing

The product is designed to optimize the chance for personal and home defense. Multiple Impact Bullets give a shooter a high-hit probability to increase your chance of surviving a personal attack by delivering a wide spread pattern to the intended target. 40 years of statistics show that in life and death situations at distances of 21 ft or less nearly 93% of shots fired to defend your life miss the intended target. This product has been designed to compensate for some if not all the miss-alignment of the shot to provide a greater chance of surviving an attack. GO TO WWW.MIBULLEt.COM to learn all about it.

Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
4 years, 5 months9Other Industrial & Manufacturing

Products / Services

Multiple Impact Bullet

The simplest explanation of the design is that it combines the accuracy of a spin stabilized bullet with the hit probability of multi-pellet buck shot. This unique design provides shooters the best of both stopping power and high-hit probability in one round. 


MarketAnnual Size% Growth Rate
US consumer – Law Enforcement and Military units around the world$14,000,000,0004 %


Managing Director Business Development
Jaye Kuchman

Jaye Kuchman leads ABC’s fund raising, licensing, marketing and new business initiatives. He brings 14 years of entrepreneurial and senior executive experience to Advanced Ballistics Concepts, Along with Co- Founding Advanced Ballistics Concepts, Jaye is currently a Director at Fortitude Merchant Bank, a leading capital and strategic solutions provider for middle market businesses. Jaye lead Fortitude’s marketing and new business initiatives and was involved in all elements of transaction development and execution. Prior to joining Fortitude MB, Jaye was the Vice President of AFG a Denver-based real estate lender. Jaye’s responsibilities included deal origination, asset valuation, asset allocation and portfolio oversight. In addition, he was responsible for new business development and established a marketing subsidiary to create a national presence. During his tenure at AFG, Jaye doubled the company’s client base and helped grow the company’s portfolio to over $30 million.

Contact Information:

Jaye Kuchman

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