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Jun 4, 2015 1:59 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015



Crowdfunding became known in France for the financing of cultural and artistic projects. But it existed before in the world of solidarity and charity, a well experienced segment of fundraising for the general public.

Most platforms like KissKissBankBank, or Ulule My Major Company resumed this similar model by adding the Project’s description page … and their commission. Where is then the break with the traditional financing channels promised with this new business model?

Thus, we could read in an article in L’ Express: “With Crowdfunding, a super nice project, sold poorly and poorly presented will have no chance to walk” warns Vincent Ricordeau, one of the founders of KissKissBankBank. Why then taking a commission from 5% to 9% without assisting the project makers? Is this the long awaited promise of this new funding model?

In France, the contributions collected in the first half of 2014 amounted to € 19.2 million. Despite these figures, which have doubled in a year, many crowdfunding platforms continue to raise funds without achieving their profitability.

Looking at the statistics in France, we can see that most crowdfunding projects are funded 80% from the private circle, friends and family. This is more like love money than real crowdfunding.


Makers & Bankers, 0% COMMISSION!

Given this situation, Makers & Bankers platform (www.makersbankers.com ) was born. Today there are a multitude of crowdfunding platforms in the market. However, none of them develops the community aspect as a real value of its service, offering project makers and their supporters a new value chain: On the same platform, you can meet, exchange, finance, develop, and monitor.

Makers & Bankers is intended for all those project makers, whether public (crowdfunding to finance associations, humanitarian projects, creative or startups) or private (Money collects for birthday, wedding, P2P borrowing from friends and also Tontine …) either for professional or personal purposes.

Allowing its members to freely publish their projects and not to taking commissions on the money collected, Makers & Bankers is a financing social network having as a mission to be an alternative to the existing crowdfunding business model.

Makers & Bankers business model is based on extra marketing and financial services offered to the makers in order to promote their projects and connect with bankers who can help them realize them. Thus the proposed business model will bring real value to the community.

The vision is to become the bank of tomorrow! Thanks to the collaborative economy.

We want to create a zone of strategic break where the perceived value of our offer by the market is greater than the reference offer which becomes obsolete (Blue ocean strategy).

New generations around the world, are developing new ways to learn, exchange and transmit products and knowledge, and finance can no longer ignore this change. We want to make finance more altruistic.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkQXUUNjonM


See campaign: http://www.crowdsourcing.org/question/why-makers–bankers-is-different-from-other-crowdfunding-platforms/35098


CONTACT: contact@makersbankers.com or ezzahirih@makersbankers.com


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