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Jun 4, 2015 10:10 AM ET

Archived: Tim – The Philosopher’s Stoneground: A fast-growing mission-driven artisanal nut butter company in Berkeley, California

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015


The Philosopher’s Stoneground

Personal Story

I (pictured far right) grew up in the rolling hills of central Maryland in a small town called Mount Airy. As a kid, I was entrepreneurial, starting my own coin business, toy factory, cosmetics lab, and other micro enterprises.

In high school, witnessing social and environmental injustices, I dreamed of how I could contribute to making both the world around me and at large a better place. This thinking and writing led me to pursue a degree in Philosophy at Haverford College, where I also started serious engagement with environmental activism.

My thesis in environmental ethics addressed the issue of humans considering themselves to be “bad” for the environment, which I argued has only become true based on the way the industrial revolution happened to evolve. However, this can become otherwise – humans can become an ecologically beneficial force on the planet with a new industrial revolution, more ecologically-adapted lifestyles, and more ecologically-adapted agriculture.

I first tested my thesis after graduation during a yearlong Thomas J Watson fellowship. The project I designed, “Holistic Environmentalism: Community Approaches to Sustainability,” examined the ways in which human life on planet Earth might become more sustainable with regard to technology, agriculture, and lifeways. I was inspired to find that solutions are being lived in small pockets all over the world as part of the ecovillage, Permaculture, and Transition Town movements that I studied. You can read about this project and my findings on my blog at sustainablephilosopher.wordpress.com.

Upon returning from my Fellowship, I began living in an ecological cooperative house in a Permaculture-designed suburb called Village Homes in Davis, California. Leaving the community in order to find paid work, however, meant that it was time to test my thesis idea in another realm: career. How could I craft a job for myself within the community creating a company that does well by the planet? Thus, The Philosopher’s Stoneground was born out of our solar-powered kitchen.

Business Description

The Philosopher’s Stoneground is a fast-growing mission-driven artisanal nut butter company in Berkeley, California. We make, sell, and distribute a line of stone ground sprouted almond butter, coconut butter, and Cocotella (chocolate coconut butter).

Sprouting almonds is a traditional preparation technique that makes them sweeter, more digestible, and more nutritious. Stone grinding is an ancient technology that creates superior flavor, texture, and nutrient profile compared to modern metal processors.

Our mission is intelligent nourishment: spreading consciousness and nourishing all Life through delicious food designed for human consumption. We’re a big-picture company focused on facilitating the flourishing of Life on Earth.

We are positioning ourselves as an economic engine to propel regenerative agriculture into widespread flourishing by becoming the first food product company to source 100% regeneratively-grown ingredients. Regenerative agriculture models nature to produce multiple crop yields in a given orchard while bolstering soil life, water retention, and long-term carbon sequestration.

We also intend for our company’s manufacturing and distribution to be fueled by 100% renewable energy so that our company is nourishing to Life and Earth.

I had a vision on April 17, 2013 that it was my life’s work to start a sprouted almond butter company to educate people on the importance of sprouted food and create a network of regenerative almond orchards to supply my company and others.

I launched on Earth Day, 2013, thus engaging myself in the long-term process of proving my thesis in environmental ethics – that human industry can become a force for health of people, planet, and the rest of Life!

Our customers are primarily health-conscious consumers in Northern California. Our biggest challenge producing enough to feed them all, let alone the inquiries we get globally!

I am most proud of bootstrapping a successful food business while strongly progressing towards achieving our mission. We are about to begin assembling a team of farmers and researchers to create an experimental dry-farmed regenerative almond orchard in the Capay Valley.

What is the purpose of this loan?

On June 15th, we are moving into a production facility in Santa Cruz, California that is 12 times larger than our current one in Berkeley!

This 2,400 square-foot facility was inhabited by another food business that grew from a local scale to a national scale during its 5-year tenure there, so we hope to follow a similar trajectory during our 5-year lease.

Moving into this facility will allow us to feed more people with our holistically healthy products! We will be able to create new products for decadent nourishment as well.

Finally, this larger space will also enable us to launch our long-awaited e-commerce website and feed people who want our products all around the globe. We literally haven’t had enough space for this in our past or current facilities. Looking forward to being able to serve our global Kiva lenders with our goods once we get going!

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