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Jun 4, 2015 5:25 PM ET

Archived: Level – Stripe for the creative economy (YC W15): Level is a platform that enables any digital asset owner to create revenue from visual content

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015


Stripe for the creative economy (YC W15)



Level is a platform that enables any digital asset owner to create revenue from visual content. We have developed an end-to-end service for framing any poster, print, photo or digital artwork. Delivering the same quality as the custom frame shop (or better), at about half the price. We’re expanding the $30B+ wall decor market by bringing framing to new contexts and audiences.

Our API allows us to rapidly build new experiences around framing, and extend the customization and purchase process into other sites and apps.

Millions of photos and other digital expressions are created every hour, but there are few ways to give them permanence. Level sits in between the digital and the physical, transforming memories, moments, and ideas into tangible, highly personal products.

Our goal is to unlock a creative economy on top of our platform, taking a cut each time we turn digital bits into physical items that people connect with emotionally.



  • Garry Tan
    Great customer experience. I’ve got a set of beautiful framed art now! Before, it was a pile of loose prints that had been accumulating for years.
  • Andy Weissman
    easy to use, fast, customizable
  • Alex Rainert
    As someone who’s long felt the pain of framing things where often the framing costs more than the artwork, I was eager to try out Level. My experience with Level, from the ordering process, to the customer service to the end product was all fantastic. more
  • Rio Caraeff
    Level empowers everyone to live a beautiful life through art. Framing photography, paintings and other visual media elevates the art – sharpening the lens and shining a light on the substance, the message. Level makes quality and custom framing more accessible, more
  • Bill Wilson
    I tried level because of a referral from a friend. I’ve used it once and will continue to evanglize it because it gives me exactly what I need to create great, custom frames with no hassle. Everything was cut perfectly, fit together smoothly and more
  • Carl Martin
    Wonderful product and quality service. Business 101.
Contact Information:

Josh Hubball
Damian Sowers

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