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Jun 4, 2015 11:03 EST

Kiosko Money, Inc.: A trusted place to take care of La Familia while you save money and enjoy the rest of the day

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015

Kiosko Money, Inc.

Kiosko Money is an early stage start-up. An integrated schedule and budget define measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to indicate progress. Future investment rounds hinge on demonstrated progress. Kiosko is a Delaware Subchapter C Corporation registered in California.

Kiosko Money is a mobile application that provides customers with a single Smartphone application to:

  • Transfer money (make remittances) from the US to Mexico
  • Pay bills (make remittances) directly in the US and in Mexico
  • Establish a line of credit (solve liquidity) based on demonstrated consumer behavior transferring money and paying bills directly
  • Find other trusted information tailored to their location
  • Be engaged with future financial service offerings

Kiosko is NOT a transaction agent. It uses existing/modern infrastructure to do that work and to manage that risk. Kiosko earns a fee when it drives sales/transactions to technology partners.

You are investing in an informed/reasoned belief that Kiosko’s plan will meet customer enrollment objectives and revenue projections and that resulting cross-channel data are useful. You are investing in growth/proof of the world’s best US Hispanic Consumer financial risk profile system.

Why Invest in Kiosko?

Strong Team and Plan

Blockchain Working Today

Zero Debt, Cash in the Bank

Methods and Tools are Scalable

A Great FinTech Portfolio Company

Demonstrated Agility & Productivity

Low risk, small minimum investment

Strong Rationale for Low Risk Valuation

Deal is Based on the Fastest Growing US Demographic

The Deal is Exponential by Design – Valuation increases very quickly

Demographics, Technology, Social Policy, and Statutes/Laws are Converging –The Timing is Right!

Why Not?

Contact Information:

Ken Austin
Daniel Uribe

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