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Jun 4, 2015 7:42 PM ET

Archived: Bohemian Magazine S.O.S.: delivering transparent content to promote arts and entrepreneurship

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015

Bohemian Magazine S.O.S.

Some things you should know about us first…

Bohemian Magazine is a self-published magazine that does not have advertisements.  We believe in delivering transparent content to promote arts and entrepreneurship, with a focus on projects working to promote equalism.  

We don’t wish to speak for any other demographic, but want to offer a platform for discussion about ways people live and how to improve conditions for ourselves and others.  We also make a conscious effort to include content by and for groups who are not typically included in the media for factors out of our control i.e. gender, race, sex, sexuality, economic status, disability, mental health, or age.

Bohemian started in October 2012 as a collective of students at Kansas City Art Institute who wanted to connect with mid-late career professional artists in the region.  Volume 1 was published monthly as a 24 page 5.5 x 8.5″ zine, free in B&W and in full color for a collectors edition with screenprints and goodies.  We were focused on a discussion by Kansas Citians about local events, places, people, and artwork in its many iterations. 

We now exist as a quarterly published full-color glossy magazine with completely original content (owned by the artists, writers, and innovators) and do not feature ads.  We are also changing our target demographic to high school and beginning college, when information about health, positive body image, technology, DIY, cute looks to try, etc. are most needed.  Our last magazine was 100 pages long, and our upcoming Fresh Air Issue is even longer.  Because we self-publish, we don’t make any profit off of a magazine of this size.  But it looks so damn good, we just can’t help ourselves.

Print magazines are no longer a sustainable business model.  We need to be sustainable, but we will never give up our print form.  Read below to find out what that means for us, and how you can help us follow our dreams!!!

What We Need & What You Get 😉

Bohemian Magazine has recently incurred an unexpected loss of sponsorship and are looking to raise emergency funding for our impending summer and fall issues, as well as the construction of an interactive online platform which would include live streaming, online DJS and concerts, message forums, and interactive text.  Don’t know what that means?  Check out some super cute blogs that we admire @ ebae.cheap , okfoc.us , or novembremagazine.com.

Need more clarification?  We have a budget.  Feel free to email us with any questions at bohemianmag@gmail.com:

  • We are asking for the original amount we applied for in our grant, 6,000.  This money goes into paying staff, printing our magazine, paying for online costs to run a website, hiring a web developer and designer, essential equipment for photo production, photo budgets, magazine shipping, social media advertisements, as well as printed fliers for neighborhood pamphleting.
  • We want to make this really worthwhile for you, and so we want to revolve our reward system around the upcoming and previous magazines we have published.  You could get anything from a digital download, to a signed Fresh Air Issue, previews on our magazine before publishing, super cute kisses, a surprise pack of collector copies from Volume 1, or your name in our magazine. 
  • If we don’t reach our entire goal, we are going to focus on the publishing of our most immediate deadline, the physical and soft online publishing of our Fresh Air Issue.  We’ve been working on this baby for months, and she’s over 100 pages long!  A ton of contributors have come together to present a beautiful issue reimagining the concepts of a traditional “womens magazine” which generally focuses on beauty, fashion, and health.  Because we do not have advertisements, we can really accurately publish info on what makes people look and feel great, or inhibits them from doing so.
Contact Information:

Carrie Riehl

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