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Jun 4, 2015 3:44 PM ET

Archived: Amazon Handbook: Help visitors to the Rainforest – publish the Olympics edition of the Amazon Handbook!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015

Amazon Handbook


Written and produced by volunteers since 2009, the Amazon Handbook is the only dedicated, independent, objective English-language travel guide to Manaus and the Brazilian Amazon. It now urgently needs a complete revision and update for the thousands of people expected to visit the rainforest in the next two years. With your financial support, we will get the special ‘olympics’ edition –with your name in it! – to print within 30 days. 

Amazon Handbook is published in hardcopy and e-copy editions, and is at www.amazonhandbook.com


Although there is some information available from other sources, Amazon Handbook is the only dedicated, objective resource on the region, and over the years we have helped thousands of people find accommodation, book tours, get around the city, rescue baggage from the clutches of airlines and customs, track down medicine, and even obtain refunds from unscrupulous tour operators and hotels. We have never charged for our assistance, although we are currently looking at providing a commission-based booking service in 2016 to help fund our information centre (we do need to eat!).



The Amazon region is of truly global importance, and our dream is to provide a comprehensive guidebook for the area and a portal website which will eventually act as the one-stop shop for anyone interested in the Amazon – whether for tourism, business, scientific research or education (we have our own kids’ section, Amazon Kids). The more international interest there is in the region, and the more people visit it, the greater are the chances of preserving the rainforest and its rivers for everybody. The rainforest is under threat and we want to make a difference!

The next step towards achieving our overall goals is to update our flagship product in time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The publication of the printed and e-edition of the guidebook (published in the UK, ISBN 978-0-9565741-2-1, and distributed in the Brazilian Amazon) helps raise our profile, brings in much-needed cash to maintain and update the website, and contributes to our brand new tourist resource centre in Manaus. 


Our guidebook is put together substantially by volunteers, but there is no escaping the costs associated with administration, publishing and marketing, and we are asking for the minimum required to pay for local printing, for necessary administrative assistance, for the costs of the finance and of course for the provision of rewards to our contributors. Anything we raise above this will go straight into the pot for our next project, which will be providing the guidebook and website in Portuguese.

The Amazon is of vital global importance and deserves a global portal. Please help us with progress towards creating an international resource for the benefit of the Amazon, for Brazil, and for anyone of any age or nationality with an interest in this fantastic region.

Thank you!

Contact Information:

Thomas Clive Maguire

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