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Jun 3, 2015 4:03 PM ET

Archived: Wild Roots Apothecary: Cultivating a healthy respect for the plants and medicines that surround us

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 3, 2015

Wild Roots Apothecary


Personal Story

I lived in what would be considered “lower income” housing in the “snow belt” outside of Buffalo, NY. As the youngest of 10 children, my impressive parents really made it work with a big garden and lots of “putting up” for the winter. I think my main job in the garden was to tend the bushels of beans, keep them weeded, pick them, clean them, snap them and bag them after my mom blanched them, etc. Fast forward 20 or so years. My husband, my 6 year old son and I live on a little piece of land, growing our own veggies, raising a menagerie of animals and utilizing the herbs and wild medicine in our backyard to help and heal our family and friends.

I have always had the heart of an entrepreneur, and after a multitude of “stepping stone” businesses, Wild Roots Apothecary was born. I love herbs for all sorts of reasons but mostly because they are empowering. I get to save my doctors visits for “real” emergencies, I get to eat the weeds that are everywhere for nourishment and then spread the word on what works.

With Wild Roots Apothecary, the plan for success is to use the flagship product, a Botanical Cocktail and Soda Syrups, to introduce people to the concept of herbalism. This business’s heart is to help and heal, but I know that people need a little convincing. The vision of growth is to give back my community, by investing in the DC area through part of our profits, creating herbal gardens in the community and eventually sponsoring free clinics for those in need. I have completely gone “all-in” by quitting my job, joining up with the helpful folks at Union Kitchen DC, which is a food incubator and committing to be the best business that we can.

Business Description

Wild Roots Apothecary was “born” as a concept in August 2014, when I added a little bit of my honey-elderberry syrup to my lemonade for some extra sweetness and then started creating different flavors of syrups to share with friends and family. The hardest hurdle has been launching our Botanical Cocktail and Soda Syrups and the rest of the food-based part of the business and the time it takes to work through state and local agencies to make sure that our product is safe and shelf stable, financially backing start up costs along with ongoing costs and finding ways to market our product to local businesses in the DC metro area. The super cool thing is that we are so close to being able to scale our production, offer new products and add the next wing of the business which is offering consultations, both online and in person, classes and growing more of our own herbs for use.

The dream is that Wild Roots Apothecary will grow into a solid brand with offerings first in the Northern VA and DC markets then expand as a wellness/health company into all 50 states. There is always a solid focus on sustainability, by either locally growing or sourcing our ingredients, employing good people and paying fair wages for work and teaching and providing assistance to the community at large.

Wild Roots Apothecary will truly benefit a broad scope of customers and benefactors, along with cultivating a healthy respect for the plants and medicines that surround us.

What is the purpose of this loan?

$5000 of this loan will go toward getting the packaging and raw materials needed for launching in DC.
$1000 will be invested in marketing efforts, labeling and product placement in stores and online.
$1000 for farmers market fees and a good tent and signage.
$500 will be invested in a professional photographer to help with upping the quality of photos and product “prettiness”.
$500 will be invested in graphic design for website and social media platforms
$500 will be invested on teaching implements and props like gardening tools to have the children use, laminated garden plants and worksheets

All of the above will allow Wild Roots Apothecary to having a solid presence and opening the door on new opportunities to give back to schools, assisted living facilities and under-served communities to empower wellness.
My hope is that I will be able to contribute to my family and community and take my energies and passions to a measured success.


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