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Jun 3, 2015 5:50 PM ET

Archived: The Slow and Painful Awakening of Herr Wilhelm Neimann: a morality story

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 3, 2015

The Slow and Painful Awakening of Herr Wilhelm Neimann

Wilhelm Neimann returned from the eastern front in 1944 shattered on many levels. He was a hero but the medals could not make up for the life he had planned as a teenager. His physical rehabilitation lasted beyond the end of the war. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete his doctorate in history; the university position he had hoped for was beyond his reach. He found a posting to a gymnasium in Schweinfort, a small village in southwestern Germany. As he slowly becomes part of this small community — one where Jews always found refuge and rescue, he must find his own final solution.

The reader will discover how he and the village are challenged by a small group of students, the Jugendknotte. One of them is convinced that  the ashes from the crematoria have entered into the food chain making all Germans Jewish — from the inside out. Two others are determined to find the SS officer that killed their uncle during the war. Schweinfort has its own stories going back centuries.  

***Funds raised will be used for costs of editing, cover design, e-reformatting, blog/website construction, and limited paperback printing. Projected expenses: $3000. Additional funds will go towards editing novels currently in rough draft.

Contact Information:

Kenneth M Kapp

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